The unsolved murder of Biggie Smalls, also known as Notorious B.I.G, remains unsolved.

Even Tupac's case, the other rapper who was also murdered, is still unsolved.

However, there's a ton of information regarding who their potential killers may be.

Several documentaries have been released, and a number of exposés have been published. Still, those close to the victims and others they say may have been the killers have basic information regarding the death of the hip-hop figures.

In fact, Suge Knight's ex-capo, Mob James, talked to DJ Vlad in an interview where he shared some details about the night Biggie was killed.

Mob said that Reggie Wright Jr. believes that a member of the Bloods and Knight's affiliate, Wardell "Poochie" Fouse, was the person who killed Notorious B.I.G.

When DJ Vlad asked Mob if he believes this theory, he immediately gave a thumbs up and quipped, "Right on!"

"Everybody at Death Row had a certain talent, was a certain kind of way," he said.

"Some cats had no talent whatsoever, some cats was in the fam for the paper and the money was good, doing certain things."

Mob also responded to P. Diddy's former bodyguard Gene Deal's claim that a man with a bow tie pulled the trigger at Biggie.

He claimed that Gene wasn't even there at the scene, but he remembered seeing Reggie there.

Mob added, "Gene can't say he seen the dude pulling the trigger. He just say he remembers seeing this guy with a bow tie around - and that's his truth."

"He did see this. But that don't say that that's the man who did it."

Despite the contrasting stories, Mob James really believes that Poochie, who passed away in 2003, was the person who killed Biggie Smalls.

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He even said that before, nobody would even want to mention that Poochie was involved in it. But now that he is dead, people can finally speak on it.

Mob said, "I'm surprised they haven't came and said they know who did it. But the hood talks -- everybody knows who doing what, especially when it comes around to Death Row."

He went on to say that people in their circle know who did it and why they had to do it.

Poochie was murdered after shooters ambushed him. Ten gunshots went to his back as he was driving his motorcycle.

But one thing Mob James is also sure that he would "win a lot of money" if he placed bets on Poochie being Biggie Smalls' killer.

Biggie, whose real name is Christopher Wallace, was only 24 years old.

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