Bobby, the main rapper of the K-pop boy band, iKON, announced his upcoming marriage and fiancee's pregnancy. But the identity of his girlfriend remains unknown.

Bobby, whose real name is Kim Ji-Won, shocked the iKON's fans, iKONICs, about his fiancee's pregnancy and his upcoming marriage.

He penned a lengthy letter on his official Instagram account promising to be a better person for the group and his parents as he starts a new life soon.

"Hello, this is iKON's Bobby. There is something I really want to tell you today, so I am writing this after putting in much thought. I have promised marriage with a person I love. I am also becoming a father in September," he wrote.

His announcement, however, sparked questions about his girlfriend's identity. While the rapper has not revealed details about his future wife, fans started to allege that his 8-month pregnant girlfriend is a YG Entertainment model.

Who is Bobby's Rumored Fiancee?

News outlets quickly brought back the dating rumors between Bobby and Lee Seo Yoon. The YG Entertainment model appeared in the music video of Mino's "Body."


In the past years, the two sparked dating buzzes after the public spotted them going out together.

In 2017, Bobby released his solo album "Love and Fall." At that time, Seo Yoon attended the event and took the spotlight when the rapper shouted, "the prettiest person here stands up."

He reportedly admitted that the model is his ideal type, as well.

She was spotted wearing a shirt that fans gave to Bobby in one of iKON's concerts two years later. There were also talks about her being in Japan whenever the group held concerts in the country.

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Despite these claims, her Instagram account still shows her tiny waist, seemingly debunking the rumors that she is the 8-month pregnant fiancee.

Regardless of the woman's identity, K-pop fans congratulated him and asked other people to support him. Before Bobby's announcement, EXO member Chen also announced his marriage and that he was expecting his first child.

One fan said, "The fact that Chen & Bobby didn't get exposed for dating, but announcing getting married and becoming a father through handwritten letters is just so admirable & brave of them. Congratulations, Bobby & to your fiancée!"

"iKONICS be prayin' for iKON to got a girlfriend and BOBBY gave us not just a fiancé but a CHILD," another added.

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