New details about Prince's death revealed how the late musician started to die little by little.

Years after his death, a new book explored the tragic events Prince went through as he tried to fight his drug addiction.

Toure recently published a book where he compiled statements from Prince's friends, revealing what led him to be addicted to drugs.

According to the new book titled "Nothing Compares 2 U: An Oral History of Prince," Prince suffered from a bathtub accident before his tour for his "Purple Rain" album. At that time, he was sitting in a bathtub 10 feet off the ground in a Minnesota arena.

However, while rehearsing the scene, the tub broke and led him to the floor. His then tour manager, Alan Leeds, recalled how fast he moved to save Prince or helped him immediately.

"After that, his back hurt day after day. Then in LA, he slipped and hurt his knee. He got some meds and finished the tour, but I don't think his hip and his leg were ever completely normal after that," he recalled, as quoted by New York Post.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to heal the injuries caused him to suffer from addiction that eventually killed him.

Prince died in 2016 after an accidental overdose of the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

How an Anti-Drug Prince Eventually Became Addicted

Even after his death, his family and close friends found it ironic to see him succumbed to an incident he never approved of.

In the same book, Prince's cousin Pepe Willie recalled how Prince was not hip at all. The singer reportedly tried drugs once and surprised Morris Day when he asked him for psychedelic mushrooms.

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According to Day, they both tried them, but what happened next did not go according to their plans. Prince reportedly started freaking out when they arrived at a club that he sat down on the floor and repeatedly told him he would never do that ever again.

Instead of drugs, he opted to consume desserts to stay awake during his recordings. He also proved how much he hated drugs when he dumped Vanity since his girlfriend was also a user.

"If he saw two crew guys in a corner looking suspicious, he'd have me check on it," said Leeds. "He had a borderline paranoia about having anybody around who was into drugs."

Unfortunately, the unexpected incidents in his life made him fall into the darkest part of his life.

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