Jin unleashed his bold side, yet, as he revealed the hardships the group faced that almost led to their disbandment.

This week, BTS sat for an interview with Billboard for the magazine's cover story. The group mostly got candid about their hectic schedule and their future as a seven-member group. The same talk touched on the controversy surrounding the group's capacity to have a No. 1 streak.

Aside from these topics, the group's eldest member Jin, whose real name is Kim Seokjin, made fans drop their jaws with his unexpected outing.

In the latter part of the interview, Jin recalled the contract they signed in 2018 and what happened afterward. According to the member, the agency promised them that they would support them in their passion for performing.

"We ended up telling each other that because we worked so hard up to that point, let's see how far we can go. I don't know if I should say this, but [we said], 'Screw the agency, screw everything. Let's just put our faith in the members and the fans and start again,'" he recalled.

His statement received praises from ARMYs for being straightforward and expressing how upset he was after they almost disbanded. However, some fans slammed Billboard for misconstruing what he and the other members said throughout the interview.


ARMYs Slammed Billboard

On Twitter, fans flocked and accused Billboard of paraphrasing the members' statements in the wrongest way.


"The Billboard in his interview with Bangtan insulted them and said that ARMYs play with schemes and were asking them questions that hurt them, like as recruiting Jin,RM was responding appropriately to them He was kind to them despite what they did #BillboardApologizeToBTS," another penned.

Indeed, the magazine suffered from massive backlash, especially when it asked BTS whether its fans manipulated the numbers to top the charts.

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Billboard also quoted the accusations about chart manipulation and mass buying to maintain the No. 1 spot for the longest time.

RM hit them back in the most respectful but on-point way. The leader suggested that Billboard should change the rule and make streaming weigh more if it does not want BTS to top the results.

The leader went on to say that the claims are not right, as well as slamming their fans and the band itself. In the end, he assured that BTS has high fan loyalty that makes all the chart results legit.

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