After months of anticipation for fans, the remix album of Lady Gaga's sixth record is finally coming this September 3. As Little Monsters rejoice, some supporters noticed that Grimes seems to be left out of the tracklist; what happened?

Last month, Grimes said she would appear on Gaga's remix album, confirming it via her Discord server. She mentioned that she initially missed the deadline, but "it got moved back" to continue doing her monologue.

The singer is rumored to appear on the three interludes of the record. However, when Lady Gaga posted the official tracklist, Grimes is nowhere to be found, and the "Chromatica I, II, and III" interludes were also not included.

What Happened To Grimes?

Recently, one fan asked the singer, "what happened with Chromatica?" Grimes went on to do a series of rants saying "sibling rivalry issues" and "immaturity" are the reasons why her tracks didn't make it to the tracklist.

"@bloodpop and I have sibling rivalry issues and our immaturity lead to the song not being completed - also he's mad at me for taping a picture of myself above his bed and when he removed the picture the tape ripped off the paint. He shud have left it." The singer wrote.

Bloodpop, the album's executive producer, slammed the singer, saying she's too busy making Tik Tok videos "about the silence of mimes."

To which Grimes replied, "u never sent me the track to start ! U just said scream in mic and send with no music behind - that makes no sense !"

After the online argument, fans are confused about whether the two musicians are joking or not.

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'Dawn of Chromatica' Remix Album Finally Coming This Friday

Little Monsters broke Twitter once again after Lady Gaga unveiled the official album art, release date, and the tracklist of the long-awaited remix album. (check out the announcement below)

Gaga shared the photo of the album art designed by Sam Rolfes, Andrew Rolfes, and SA Mayer. The cover shows a revamped version of "Chromatica's" original image but altered with neon green and hot pink details.

Collaborators include Rina Sawayama, LSDXOXO, Arca, Charli XCX, Dorian Electra, Bree Runway, Pabllo Vittar, and many more.

Several artists also shared snippets of the upcoming tracks.

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