It was recently reported that two members of NCT will not be participating in their upcoming comeback; however, member Lucas is still under the heated discussion of his alleged dating scandal.

The 22-year-old will not participate in their third comeback on December 14 with the album "UNIVERSE," leaving no reasons behind. Unlike his co-member Winwin, who is currently busy with his acting project in China.

In August 2021, the NCT and WayV rapper went on a hiatus as four anonymous people claimed they dated the idol, per MEAWW. Not only that, but they have also stated they cheated, manipulated, and gaslit them during their said relationship.

Lucas' Apology

Following the scandal where they claimed he took advantage of them, Lucas and his entertainment agency SM Entertainment released their statement and apologized. The rapper also left a handwritten letter posted on his Instagram account, which Soompi translated.

He said, "I apologize to those who were hurt by my wrong behavior. If you give me a chance, I would like to personally convey my words of apology. I also genuinely apologize to my fans who have given me lots of love and support."

"Looking back on my behavior of the past, it was clearly wrong, and it was an irresponsible behavior that betrayed the support that my fans have shown me for a long time," Lucas added.

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Despite having the agency and the artist himself apologize for the issue, many fans still pointed out that they had neither confirmed nor denied the accusations.

The publisher also reported that many people believe that SM placed Lucas on hiatus in order to investigate and deny the accusation. This has made the fans split in their opinions. One decided to stay neutral, and another believed the alleged ex-girlfriend and wanted him out of the groups he's a part of and retire from the industry by using the tag "#LUCAS_OUT."

  Those who opposed the hashtag made their own and decided to trend "#ProtectLucas" where made points regarding the issue.

  So far, the agency still hasn't released any updates regarding the issue, which made numerous Twitter users question Lucas' innocence.

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