Tyga publicly addressed his issue with Nikita Dragun after exposing their private DMs "for clout."  The rapper clean about the intended message.

The self-proclaimed "first trans pop star" just recently dropped the trailer for her upcoming song titled "Dick," which happened to have a series of incriminating photos. According to this source, Nikita included a screenshot of Tyga's direct message to her.

The YouTuber uploaded her MV teaser on Instagram for her 9 million followers to see. The video snippet included all the men who allegedly tried to hit Dragun, not just the rapper.

However, Nikita's DM from the "Taste" singer garnered the interest of the general public. The simple "Text me," caught the attention of fans as the rest of the message had been censored with the word "DICK," which was a recurring theme in the trailer.

Tyga Shut Downs the Rumors

Sources reported that news of Tyga's involvement with the YouTube personality reached other social media platforms as the artist's name began trending on Twitter.

The rapper quickly cleared out the issue by quote tweeting a post from a fan asking him to explain the situation. Tyga confirmed that he really did slide into Nikita's DMs, but it was strictly for a professional and business inquiry.

"My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped. Not sure why she added my likeness to this," T-Raww tweeted.

  The celebrity then followed up his post with another one saying, "Ladies and gentlemen clout kills." The follow-up tweet is obviously a clap back directed at Nikita Dragun for trying to drag his name to promote her song.

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Fan React to Nikita's Clout Chasing

Even after hours have passed since Tyga tweeted his response to the rumors, his fans are still debating on the impact of Nikita's actions. A fan claimed that Nikita's publicity stunt was "corny ASF," and to stop making a big deal out of it, "Leave 'em alone and quit encouraging bullying on him, then cry when Men ashamed to admit they like transgenders."

"Not Tyga in Nikita Dragun' s DM lol, She def his type though," one fan said.

  The majority are still puzzled about the drama like this user who tweeted, "'why Nikita out Tyga' she outed him for being straight???"

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