A video of singer Kehlani and SZA went viral on Twitter as paparazzi spotted them holding hands outside Rihanna's MET Gala afterparty, Monday, September 13.

This was not ever the first time the two were spotted holding hands, the singer admitted last April 2021 through a TikTok video, "I am gay gay gay gay gay," after having identified as queer and bisexual previously.

The said TikTok video came after the two got caught holding hands during a girls' night out.

Numerous people surrounded the two on the way to the party, which gave multiple Twitter users to go head-over-heels with the singers. Although no insiders can back up whether the two were dating or even interested in each other, SZA still has never spoken publicly about her sexual orientation.

Friendship Or Lovers = Doesn't Matter

It bears mentioning that just because two people are holding hands does not mean they're a couple, regardless of their sexualities, and how desperate the people want it to happen.

But keep in mind that we must learn from wishing and hoping for these celebrities to be a part of the community does not make them so. The video still kept on gaining popularity as the tweet posted by a Kehlani fan base has reached over 120,000 likes and 9 million views only for showing a four-second clip of them walking through a sea of cameras.

Ultimately, Kehlani and SZA would probably be just party-hopping friends. Hopefully, there will be more of them entering afterparties still hand in hand in the future. According to this article, Kehlani is mom to daughter Adeya Nomi, 2, whom they share with guitarist Javie Young-White.

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Lovely Fans In Support

With a hundred thousand likes and millions of views, nothing can compare to the fans who still stayed with the singer. Numerous users shared their full support of the singer and gave resemblance of the singers to DC characters with their feet.

They even said, "SZA rocking the poison ivy outfit, khelani got the two tone hair goin on like harley Quinn, in the comics Harley and poison ivy are in a relationship."

More even came and admitted their love for the singers even though they wouldn't be able to go out with them that quick.

And of course, just as much as how they want to see the two going out together, many still asked regarding new released songs from the two with a possible unit.


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