R. Kelly's ex-assistant proved the claims that the disgraced singer once threatened her after one of their teen clients planned to sue him.

The witness, Cheryl Mack, once worked for R. Kelly as a talent manager before taking on the role of assistant. She joined the list of accusers and witnesses who testify in court in Brooklyn.

On Friday, Mack revealed that the R&B singer threatened her and demanded her to "pick a team" when a 17-year-old singer tried to sue him for sexual harassment.

The event reportedly happened in 2009 when Mack was managing a 17-year-old singer, who was identified as "Precious" in the court. She then fixed the two singers' schedules to make the collaboration work.

Since R. Kelly and Precious needed to work together, the young woman spent most of her time working at the singer's home studio in Chicago. A few months later, the two stopped working together.

R. Kelly Threatened Mack

Mack detailed that, after the collaborators cut ties, R. Kelly called her to his home and told her Precious was planning a lawsuit against him due to alleged sexual harassment.

"He said, 'Generally in these situations, people come up missing," she recalled. She reportedly took it as a threat afterward.

Following the conversation, she was reportedly taken to the office of R. Kelly's lawyer and made him sign a pre-written affidavit. She then signed the document without reading the content as she was too scared to leave.

The former assistant remembered the yes-or-no questions to answer whether the singer had a sexual relationship with Precious or if he ever gave her alcohol.

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It remains unknown whether the young victim filed the lawsuit, but she allegedly learned that everything was "resolved" eventually.

Her statement came after serving R. Kelly both as a talent manager and assistant. After working with the singer for his "Black Panties" tour in 2013, she began working as his assistant for a year until 2015.

Mack's statement resonated with what other witnesses told about it, including the singer's strict rules to the women inside his home.

She also alleged not receiving her pay for several months due to the canceled shows she booked. In another money-related feud, she was reportedly forced to write an apology letter.

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