BLACKPINK Lisa's solo debut album "Lalisa" might have reached 1 million pre-orders if only her record label allowed it.

It's been almost a month since Lisa Manoban released her first single album, which was heavily anticipated by the group's fans- Blinks. Lisa's label, YG Entertainment, announced the pre-order dates for "Lalisa," which lasted from August 28 to September 9.

Sources reported that the album reached 700,00 pre-orders just four days after it became available for purchase. According to her company, Lisa's album sales peaked on September 10, with an additional 100,000 copies sold.

  Articles from South Korea reported that the artist managed to garner 950,000 album sales with the combined pre-orders and additional purchases after its release. This information has become a trending topic on social media as Lisa's fans talk about the lost opportunity.

YG Sabotaged Lisa?

According to this tweet, the "Money" singer had significantly impacted YG Entertainment's earnings for the third quarter of 2021.

Her solo project alone is expected to exceed the company's consensus, estimated at ₩10.5 billion or around $8.8 million. However, Blink's are not satisfied with the report as they suspect the record label to have sabotaged Lisa by canceling the remaining purchases of some fans.

One of Lisa's avid supporters tweeted out, "Another 50k to get 1 million copies, but why did you cancel some of the other orders??? Wouldn't that benefit you too??" It was then followed by the demand to "Restock Lalisa Album!"

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Lisa's Fans Demand a Restock

As the issue begins circulating on Twitter, more and more Blink's are posting their opinions on the matter. The majority of them agree that restocking Lisa's album shouldn't be a problem.

"There's no reason why they can't restock it when it's still in demand. [People] still want to support her. It's obvious they can crack 1M if they just restick it... Maybe they can't stand the THAI act getting it.," one fan pointed out.

"Some of us haven't [bought] the album yet [but] there you are canceling the countless orders of Lilies and Blinks who wanted to support LISA!" tweeted out another user.

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