Paul McCartney is a music legend. He is one of the most respected icons in the music industry.

Unfortunately, there are some closest to him that don't think his music is all that great.

Being in the presence of a former member of the Beatles, a person is lucky enough to be able to hear an intimate performance in the living room.

Though it sounds like a dream to many music lovers, Paul revealed that it's not the case at his home.

Who Hates Paul McCartney's Music?

In an interview with the Mirror UK, the 79-year-old singer-songwriter hilariously spoke about his grandchildren always begging him to put his guitar away when he starts playing it at home.

Instead, the kids would rather hear what they're watching on TV, revealing, "I ocassionally play around the house. It depends on what they're doing."

Paul went on to say, "They've maybe got some game going and I'm trying to say, 'Look, people come to see me, pay money, but you're not even remotely interested.'"

The "Hey Jude" hitmaker then revealed that his grandchildren would say, "'Granddad, look. Do you mind? We're watching this program."

However, it's not all the time that the children wouldn't want to hear the music he's playing.

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Paul McCartney The Best Grandfather?

Paul McCartney revealed that sometimes the grandchildren are excited to hear him play the guitar when they recognize that his songs are some of his hits.

The children knew about the songs because some of the Beatles hits were featured in kids' movies such as "Sing" and "The Boss Baby."

The former bassist said, "These songs come around because people put them in films and the kids see the films."

"So the kids get to know them. I love that. It means the songs become the kids' favorites."

Despite their differences in priorities, Paul added that he enjoys hanging out with his grandchildren because not only do they make him laugh, but they also teach him things.


Paul McCartney has eight grandchildren from two of his daughters, Stella McCartney and Mary McCartney.

The fashion designer is mother to Miller (16), Bailey (14), Beckett (13), and Reiley (10), while her sister has Arthur (22), Elliot (19), Sid (13), and Sam (10).

Paul revealed two years ago that the inspiration behind his picture book "Hey Grandude" was Beckett.

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