Las Vegas has showcased A-list singers over the past years by having their residency shows in several venues. After announcing her long-awaited comeback, Adele is reportedly planning to snag a slot to have her own show in the renowned gambling capital.

According to Billboard, Adele is currently looking for several options for her residency; sources said that the singer is considering the Park Theatre at the Park MGM Las Vegas, where Lady Gaga performs her "Jazz and Piano" night as well as "Enigma," or the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, where Celine Dion shot to fame as one of the most popular residency acts.

Both venues mentioned above can accommodate over 7,000 fans making the potential shows a fantastic experience for supporters.

Per Forbes, the residency wouldn't begin until 2022 as the singer has a new album on the way.

How Much Would Adele Earn In Her Residency?

Per the outlet, a world tour could easily give Adele $200 million in ticket sales alone. If ever the Las Vegas residency were to happen, it would bring less income as the seating capacity for her possible venue is way less compared to most areas around the world that can hold 20,000 people per show.

During her North American tour in 2016, Adele generated over $150 million in ticket sales. She also broke a record in Australia after selling 600,000 tickets in 2017.

The outlet suggests that the singer could potentially make more money in 2022 because of her high demand, but her budget will exceed if she goes on a world tour.

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Why Did Adele Decide To Have a Las Vegas Residency Instead of a World Tour?

According to an insider, the "Water Under the Bridge" hitmaker wants her fans to travel from anywhere in the world to see her perform in Las Vegas.

In addition, she also wants to spend more time with her 8-year-old son, and she's planning to go back and forth from her Los Angeles home, which is much easier now as Nevada is closer to California.

Adele Is Coming

The long wait is over; Adele is officially making her comeback with a new song titled "Easy On Me."

The singer took to her social media accounts to post a teaser that shows a black and white video of Adele riding in the car where musical arrangement papers can be seen being thrown out of the vehicle.

Her new single will be released on October 15.

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