Jesy Nelson has spoken out about her heartbreak at being compared to her Little Mix bandmates, which is why she's happier to be a solo performer.

The 30-year-old singer discussed the events leading up to her resignation on Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast, which is now part of Acast's Creator Network. She left the group in December after being "stuck and sad."

She did not say though that her bandmates were at fault, just that she's personally unhinged and not-at-peace with the setup.

No doubt, Jesy ruled the music charts for nine years with bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Perrie Edwards after becoming famous on the X Factor, but she confessed to Fearne in her interview that she would compare herself to the trio, always.

It felt very unhealthy and stressful, ultimately. Jesy announced her permanent resignation from the group in December, only weeks after announcing she was taking a short sabbatical from all professional obligations. She subsequently stated her mental health was the cause for her departure. She teased her debut solo song earlier this year, and BOYZ will be released at 6 p.m. on Friday, after considerable suspense.

Speaking about her insecurities before the launch, she said, 'I would say, 60% of me has I'll never sit and lie and be like, oh, I'm so happy now, I don't have any insecurities as that's an absolute lie, I still have my insecurities, I still have my struggles..". 'I guess the thing that I'm better with now, is that I see little things now when I do a music video, I'm not looking on the camera and thinking, oh my God, I don't look as skinny as Jade, Anne and Perrie..," she confessed.

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Comparing herself to the others took a toll on her so performing solo felt like a fresh, welcoming start. "For the first time ever, I did my music video and I enjoyed it. I absolutely loved it and I was like, this is the feeling I should have had the whole time," she revealed. "And some people were not supportive of that, and some people are and I'm okay with that," she added.

She's not blaming anyone on Little Mix with her. She even feels bad for them because they got saddled with her and her insecurities.

"Also, it wasn't nice for Jade, Anne and Perrie to be around when I was so down, they we're living their dream and I wasn't... 'I felt very miserable and trapped and I knew that, that wasn't right," she explained.

'To be compared every single day to three other girls was draining, and I couldn't deal with that anymore...," she outright said. 

The confession came after reports of Little Mix dropping the lyrics of her new song, allegedly to be shading Jesy. 

The lyrics go: ""How did we get here; We used to be so cool; Nothing lasts forever but I really thought wlittle we could; I know there'll be tears but it's worth the broken heart; If I can't protect my energy, I gotta cut you off." 

Even though it can be pertaining to anything that has gotten cut off, fans said they're pertaining to Jesy. What's worse, some of them said it was therapeutic to write. Moreover, they're also quite known for putting their real feelings about real situations (i.e. about Zayn Malik) into their songs.

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