BUDDYs rejoiced as three of the former GFRIEND members, SinB, Eunha, and Umji, came together under a recently established agency Big Planet Made.

It has been five months since Source Music themselves, the company that handled GFRIEND since their 2015 debut, announced the group's disbandment after "careful consideration and extensive discussion," adding that they never renewed their contracts.

  As reported by this article, SinB, Eunha, and Umji will soon unite as a three-membered group after they were officially announced to be under their new agency. As the news was released on October 5, it is still not confirmed what the group's name could be and when their debut.

GFriend Trio's New Path

Soon after the three former members of GFRIEND broke the news, they visited Instagram to confirm their new record deals and shared their thoughts regarding the move. In a translation by Soompi, Eunha thanked her fans for their "unchanging love and support," she also said they are coming back to the scene with "good music and good performances."

SinB also posted a caption where it read, "After long consideration, I will be taking on a new start at BPM Entertainment." She also added, "It must have been a long wait, but thank you so much to the fans who waited with trust. This moment of spreading my wings at a new home is exciting and also nerve-racking."

  The youngest from the group, Umji, also noted how she had "various concerns" about the recent signing, but still, she is "looking forward to our new activities."

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The Future Of GFRIEND Members

The three became the latest idols who recently signed under BPM Entertainment, which followed their senior from SISTAR, Soyou, who also got recruited in late September after leaving Starship Entertainment.

Regarding the other members of GFRIEND, Yuju and Yerin also signed with new agencies and had been working on new projects as well. Yuju joined KONNECT Entertainment, founded by ex-Wanna One member Kang Daniel, and Yerin signed with Sublime Artist Agency.

GFRIEND abruptly ended their contract with longtime agency Source Music and officially left the company on May 22, 2021. After a few days, they left their fans, Buddys, a letter for their farewell.

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