Kid Laroi's reason for parting way with Scooter Braun was because of an allegedly unmet promise regarding his participation in the singer's life.

The artist shocked everyone when news about his decision to Adam Leber's Rebel Management soon after his departure from SB Project was released to the public. Laroi's split from the media company was unexpected, especially after his latest duet collaboration with former labelmate Justin Bieber.

Kid Laroi released "Stay" not even four months before all of this controversy. The song had already garnered several milestones within that timeframe, including a six-week streak at No.1 on the charts.

Why Did Kid Laroi Leave?

The song's success caused even more confusion as the music industry wondered what could have caused the star to leave Scooter suddenly. Variety reported that the 18-year old had expected more from Braun, specifically a more "up-close-and-personal involvement" with his manager.

According to an inside source, the record executive had made "a promise" to the teenager about being "directly involved" with him but ended up lacking enough "participation" to satisfy his client.

It also doesn't help that rumors are going around that Laroi doesn't get along with the President of SB Project- Allison Kaye. The publication mentioned that the "Without You" singer developed "significant problems" against Allison after she kept "making decisions without consulting him."

However, the media proprietor made his sentiments about the Australian-born musician clear after wishing him and his family "nothing but the best." and he is "rooting for him always."

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Kid Laroi's Next Step

Although the celebrity has yet to release a statement regarding his side of the story, it is clear that Kid Laroi is already booked and busy after joining Adam and Rebel Management.

Based on NME, the artist is in the middle of preparing for his upcoming debut album, which will contain his backstory and the origins behind his stage name. Charlton Howard had taken inspiration from his mother's indigenous roots as a member of the Kamilaroi tribe to create his alias- LAROI.

As of recent, the musician has yet to reveal any further details about his untitled studio album other than its scheduled release date, which is expected to be out anytime in 2022.

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