Dave Grohl is gushing over an 11-year-old drummer's talent as he reveals that the kid is as inspiring as "The Beatles."

Last year, the former "Nirvana" member first met drummer Nandi Bushell via Zoom. More recently, he's comparing the girl to classic bands like "The Beatles," "Led Zeppelin," "The Rolling Stones," and "AC/DC," saying she's as inspiring as them."

"If you want to see the true meaning of rock & roll, watch Nandi play the drums," Grohl said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

He mentioned that Bushell is inspiring because he sees the passion and belief in her music.

"If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will," he added. (via 1007WZLX Classic Rock)

Bushell previously challenged Grohl to a drum-off after posting a cover of the song "Everlong" by Foo Fighters. He gladly accepted the challenge and posted a video of himself playing the track. (watch the video below)

In the video, Grohl revealed that he hadn't played the track since 1997 because their drummer Taylor Hawkins is the one playing for the band.

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The drummer continued to praise Bushell, saying, "I've seen all your videos, I've seen you on TV, you're an incredible drummer.

I'm really flattered that you've picked some of my songs to do for your videos, and you've done them all perfectly." (via iHeart)

Bushell's dreams came true as she was invited to join "Foo Fighters" on stage to play "Everlong" during a Los Angeles concert over the summer.

The 11-year-old prodigy posted a behind-the-scenes video on her YouTube channel, which garnered more than 200,000 views. She said that the concert was "the best night" of her entire life.

Aside from meeting the band, he also met renowned rock musicians during her visit to the United States, such as Melissa Reese of "Guns N' Roses," Jose Pasillas of "Incubus," "Chad Smith and Greg Bissonette of "The Drum Channel.

She also released a collaboration track called "The Children Will rise Up" with Tom Morello and his son Roman.

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