More proof emerged claiming that BTS Jimin's song, "Friends," is confirmed as part of "The Eternals" official OST.

Last week, Marvel News Brazil's Twitter account released the reported OST list for the Marvel Studios movie. The film's director, Chloe Zhao, reportedly approved the list, as well.

ARMY noticed that Jimin's "Friends," which he wrote, composed, and produced, has been included in the tracklist. The Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) also put the K-pop idol's name as the songwriter and Classification C for composer.

BTS fans have spread the news already, adding the movie's release on November 5 to their calendars.

While the Brazilian fanbase refused to disclose its source, the news has been confirmed by the independent news outlet, The Direct. It confirmed that the song would be truly featured in "The eternals" movie.

Meanwhile, another respectable Korean media outlet, Newsen, disclosed that the Walt Disney Company Korea confirmed the song's inclusion in the movie. It added that the music would be played on a certain scene of the film.

BTS Jimin's Milestone With "Friends"

With the official confirmation, it is safe to say that BTS garnered another recorded and added it under their belt.

Jimin will be the first BTS member and second K-pop artist to have a song included in a Hollywood movie. His "Friends" will follow Psy's "Hangover," which was played in "Black Panther."

A Korean journalist also shared how hearing Jimin's friends became emotional for her. She even hinted that the band is mentioned in one of the scenes.

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Before Jimin reached the new record, "Friends" had already garnered recognition from different award-giving bodies. It was previously nominated for Song of the Year at Gaon Music Awards. At that time, the K-pop idol set another record for being the first and only BTS member to have a self-produced song that has been nominated for that category. BTS' "Filter" also made it to the list.

Following the big news, 10 Jimin-related keywords all trended online, with the mentions for "Friends" surpassing 1 million tweets. Among the phrases were "PROUD OF PRODUCER JIMIN," "CONGRATULATIONS PRODUCER JIMIN," "PROD JIMIN," "COMPOSER JIMIN," "SONGWRITER JIMIN," and "ParkJimin," among others.

Fans celebrated the new milestones in several Korean online communities. They also began asking the BTS member to produce more songs for the fandom.

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