Rod Stewart and his adult son's plea deal has fallen through, and they are now expected to stand trial on charges they battered security personnel during a New Year's Eve party two years ago.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart and his son were not present when Judge August Bonavita announced that a hearing, where a deal was expected to be finalized, had been canceled.

The father-and-son duo is currently scheduled to stand trial on misdemeanor battery charges on January 25, 2022.

This is not the first time a deal has fallen through in the pair's case. Their charges were also delayed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Stewart and his son could potentially face a year behind bars as maximum penalty, but a lengthy-term isn't possible.

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What Did Rod Stewart and His Son Do?

Per NBC News, Rod and Sean Steward got into an altercation with a security guard at a resort in Palm Beach, Florida, last January 2020.

The security personnel was reportedly working for a private party in the kids' area at The Breakers resort when the two tried entering the premises.

The guard denied them access, but they started to "get loud and cause a scene and refure to follow instructions and leave."

Sean Stewart allegedly got nose-to-nose with the guard. The security personnel tried stopping him by putting his hand on Sean's chest and telling him to back up.

However, Rod Stewart didn't take the situation lightly as he punched the guard in his ribcage area.

Per their explanation in the affidavit, the British rock legend said his family approached the check-in table, and they tried to get the children in their group to enter the private area for kids but were denied.

Following this, he claims that the guard became argumentative, causing Rod and Sean to become agitated. The singer has since apologized for his actions.

According to onlookers, they witnessed Sean pushing the guard away and Rod punching him in his chest.

The affidavit states that Sean and Rod Stewarts are both the "primary aggressors" based on the video footage of the resort.

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