MOMOLAND JooE received mixed reactions from fans after the K-pop idol shared new shocking photos of her.

JooE's Instagram account welcomed thousands of fans who became curious about her new look years after debuting in MOMOLAND.

K-pop fans and Korean netizens were shocked after JooE dropped several photos of her where she looked unrecognizable. One deleted photo shows the K-pop idol wearing a white top and denim shorts as she poses in front of the camera.

She also wowed her followers with her Minnie Mouse costume during this year's Halloween.

People quickly noticed how she looked way different from her previous cute and comical appearance while promoting with the girl group. This time, she flaunts her doll-like visuals with her nose smaller than before.


Some fans applauded her transformation and said she has gotten more gorgeous than before. However, others expressed their concerns she might be addicted to getting under the knife.

One said, "idk if plastic surgery counts but JOOE? she got so hot her surgeon did her good."

Meanwhile, another defended her and noted what is truly new in the K-pop idol, saying: "I know I still new in this Kpop industry but when become a Merry I dont just sit down & hearing their music, I was investigating, watch their interviews, tv shows, etc. JooE's NOSE surgery is the only and small part she did and it was a LONG TIME AGO."

MOMOLAND JooE's Plastic Surgery

JooE repeatedly addressed plastic surgery rumors about her and bravely confirmed she underwent a minor procedure for her nose.

In 2018, she and three of her members appeared on "Knowing Brothers," where she spoke candidly about her nose job. Per JooE, she tried to have ear piercings to lower her stress level.

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She noted she loved how her right ear looked. However, she had to give up its cartilage for her nose.

JooE then told Heechul that the part was transferred into her nose, joking, "It went on an adventure to my nose! So if I pick my nose, I'm also picking my ear!"

She also spoke during the December 27 episode of MBC's "Radio Star," saying that the nose job happened long before she became a MOMOLAND member. According to JooE, she heard a lot of people say she looked better before her debut.

Fans supported her despite that, lauding her for her sweet personality despite the bullying she suffered from.

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