GOT7 member Mark Tuan opened up about the overwhelming feeling whenever the K-pop group makes a comeback.

Mark Tuan finally marked his solo career after making his fans worried over his Instagram posts deletion. He alarmed everyone last month by removing all the pictures from his Instagram feed and sharing a worrying post on his Instagram Story instead. He penned, "I'm trying my best can't you tell?" on a plain black background.

Weeks after that, Mark Tuan confirmed it was only part of his solo debut - "Last Breath."

After releasing the song, the K-pop idol spoke candidly about his new journey while sharing how he almost did not appear under the spotlight again.

Mark Tuan Almost Quit K-pop?

Speaking with NME, he said that being a 28-year-old made him realize that his years of experience in the music industry still make him worry sometimes.

According to Mark Tuan, pursuing a solo career allowed him to try different sounds while he continuously tried finding himself. He also wanted to change people's perspectives on him. However, being a K-pop idol needs to maintain one image fans always love.

He added that he and the six other members of the K-pop group want to try new ideas that would be best for GOT7. However, he faced the toughest part since they were torn between pushing what they wanted to sound like and what their fans wanted.

Although going solo gave him a chance to try new things, Mark Tuan reportedly did not know whether he should move forward at all.

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"I don't think I was super wanting to do my own solo career when I was in GOT7," he confessed. "Even [after] coming back, I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep pursuing music."

The idol even dealt with a lot of pressure. Since his group was there with him in the past years, he initially had no idea whether he was capable of making his own songs and gaining people's attention.

But after braving himself, he finally realized he still wanted to continue working on making music. What was once something that causes anxiety turned into something he feels at peace with.

In the end, Mark Tuan told everyone that he wanted to have fun telling his story - and making music is his only way to do it.

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