Martin "Axe" Axenrot has been a part of "Opeth" for more than a decade now, and the band is parting ways with their long-time drummer because of their differences.

According to Loudwire, the band revealed that "conflict of interests" is why Axenrot is leaving the group despite being the longest-serving drummer throughout their career.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the band announced that the drummer would no longer be a part of the "Opeth" collective.

"However sad it is to not have Axe in the band anymore, we're not in a position to linger on anything that is going to hold us back. We need to soldier on." Mikael Åkerfeldt wrote.

The guitarist added that they wish all the best for Axenrot and any of his future endeavors.

"He has been an incredibly important part of the band for many years now, and we're all heartbroken it didn't work out in the end. But that's life, I guess..." he added.

Who Will Replace Martin Axenrot?

In the statement, the band also announced Martin Axenrot's replacement. They mentioned that Sami Karppinen would fill in his spot in the North American Tour.

However, the band did not clarify whether Karppinen would be their permanent member or a temporary replacement for their ongoing tour.

The band's latest show in Cherokee center in Asheville, North Carolina, was the first show without Axenrot.

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Martin Axenrot's History With 'Opeth'

Per the outlet, Axenrot was the longest-serving drummer for the band as he played on every album starting in 2008's "Watershed" to 2019's "Cauda Venenum."

The drummer became a band member from 2005 to 2021. He used to be a touring member but was later promoted to a full-time member in 2006.

According to Blabbermouth, he was initially a replacement for Martin Lopez, who left the band in May 2006 because of illness and anxiety attacks.

At the time of his first few gigs with the band, Åkerfeldt called out fans when they compared Axenrot to Lopez because of his drumming skills.

The guitarist shared a statement saying, "Wow, looks like we got ourselves a new breed of idiot OPETH 'fans' on our tail, huh? Mindblowing guys...really! Axe is in the band now and we all f****** love playing with him."

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