Sorn confirmed that she has officially left the agency that manages her, Cube Entertainment, and turned as the second member leaving CLC.

Six years after their debut with their mini-album "First Love," rumors spread regarding CLC, also known as Crystal Clear, going their separate ways. According to MMEAW, and it seems like the group "has gone back" to its original member count of five, leaving Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Yeeun, and Eunbin.

Since their song "Helicopter" became a smash hit in 2020, they have not returned for another comeback since then. CLC used to be a seven-member group, including their original member, Elkie, which became the first member who terminated her contract in early February 2021.

Sorn's Official Statement

On November 16, Sorn announced her departure from the group and the label after coming to a mutual agreement. She captioned her social media post, saying, "I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me and everything I have done with CLC. For the past 10 years, I've learnt so much from the whole experience. I've met 6 wonderful girls who have become my second family in Korea."

  "I'm so proud of all the achievements we have accomplished together as a team and I've enjoyed every single moment with them through ups and downs... I wish my girls all the best and I will support them in everything they do," she concluded.

With Yujin becoming an inactive member due to her participation in "Girls Planet 999," finishing at the third rank of Kep1er, fans are unsure what will happen next to the group. The source also mentioned earlier that CLC has unofficially disbanded during one of the episodes of the 2021 survival show, which was then negated by Sorn on social media, stating that the whole group is waiting for Yujin to finish the show for their comeback.

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Fans React On Her Termination

The fans of CLC have expressed their opinions regarding her leaving the company. Many revealed their relief regarding the news as another idol is "free" from the agency.

It was known by the K-pop community that Cube Entertainment has been under attack for not correctly promoting their artists and being "too much" for managing them. Recalling, former Wanna One member Lai Guanlin faced the court against the agency as "he argued his parents didn't know the label transferred its management to a third party."

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