Paris Hilton and Carter Reum have finally marry, and it was a star-studded three-day affair.

Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and even Kyle and Kim Richards from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" were in attendance.

Many fans, however, were perplexed as to why Britney Spears did not make it. They are, after all, pals.

Years ago, they were seen partying and hanging out, and more recently, the well-known DJ spoke out publicly in favor of the "Womanizer" singer's decision to cancel her conservatorship.

She said on Twitter in July, "Heartbreaking to read @RonanFarrow & @jiatolentino's in-depth @NewYorker article. Britney is so strong & has been through so much."

Britney's conservatorship was finally lifted a few weeks ago, leaving her a free woman after 13 years of confinement.

The wedding happened after a judge ruled that Britney was free, but fans asked why she wasn't at Paris Hilton's wedding.

Was Britney Spears Invited to Paris Hilton's Wedding?

According to Hollywood Life, Paris Hilton invited Britney Spears to her wedding, but she did not show up.

To accommodate Britney's timidity, Paris allegedly had to halt her show's team from recording "Paris In Love."

She was invited to the closing event, which took place at Angelini Osteria, and a party at Bel-Air; however, the award-winning performer reportedly passed on attending.

But the reason why the "Baby One More Time" didn't go is that she was "too emotional" after the judge's ruling to end her 13-year conservatorship.

According to the site, the mother of two needs some time to acclimate to her new way of living.

While the reason for her absence is understandable, it would have been lovely for the singer to attend Paris' wedding because the two have a long history.

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Secretly Hanging Out

In Sept. 2020, Paris Hilton revealed that they'd sustained their friendship in the last two decades despite them not being pictured together most of the time.

"I saw her this summer. We've had dinners, I saw her in Malibu. I just love her so much."

"She is so sweet and so innocent and such a nice girl. We just talk about happy things. Music, fashion... fun things."

Paris also revealed that she doesn't talk about the conservatorship with her because she's sure it would make the singer-dancer uncomfortable.

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