The American Music Awards has officially arrived; however, the "Butter crew," where BTS and Megan Thee Stallion promised to perform together, will not proceed after one tweet from the rapper.

According to Billboard, the awards night, which will be held on November 21, Sunday, will gather numerous artists who will perform, ranging from Coldplay, Olivia Rodrigo, Jennifer Lopez, and even Bad Bunny.

BTS' official Twitter account even announced that they would be performing with Megan for the single released in May, yet, the rapper tweeted that she can no longer attend the AMAs.

Megan Thee Stallion's Statements

Her full tweet stated, "Hotties I was so excited to go to the AMAs and perform with BTS, but due to an unexpected personal matter, I can no longer attend."

"I'm so sad! I really can't wait to hit the stage with my guys and perform #BTS_Butter real soon!" She concluded.

Despite the "WAP" singer not disclosing the real reason for backing out, many fans speculated the reason for her declining from the performance.

This news followed after her good friend, Young Dolph's passing. CNN recently reported that the rapper was shot dead inside Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies. And as of writing, the police department noted that no arrests had been made yet, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Before the tweet, she also left a tribute to the one who passed, which read, "I am sooo sick rn I am in disbelief! Praying for his family and friends ! Rest In Peace to my friend a true legend dolph."

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Fans React

The fans left responses regarding the change of plans coming from Megan. One fan said, "take care Megan.. we'll wait for the performance when it happens "

  Another fan also said that there will be another time for the "Butter crew" to meet once again, "Oh no megan, don't worry, the important thing is that you are well, There will be another occasion where you can present yourself together with the boys and we will wait for them <3."

Despite not visiting the American Music Awards, Megan Thee Stallion was still able to bag an award for Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist.

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