Drake is fighting back against a woman who sued him -- and he's asking for $4 billion in return.

Mesha Collins, a woman who broke into his house in 2017 and was caught shortly after, is suing the "Certified Lover Boy" rapper in court.

However, the Canadian singer-songwriter was compelled to respond to a defamation case brought against him a few months ago this week.

Several outlandish charges against Drake were made in court filings acquired by Radar Online, implying that he was the one breaching her privacy.

Mesha further claimed that Champagne Papi was defaming her by utilizing her name and image.

Mesha was arrested in 2017 at the age of 27 after the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department determined she was involved in a burglary at Drake's residence in April 2017.

It happened about 10:30 p.m., and officials were summoned to the scene when she broke into Drake's house and locked herself in a room after drinking some of the "In My Feelings" rapper's refreshments.  

She was eventually released after posting $100,000 in bail.

Insiders said Drake, whose actual name is Aubrey Drake Graham, didn't want to bring charges during that period because he believed the suspect was dealing with personal troubles.

But it appears that the 35-year-old Toronto native has changed his mind.

Mesha's claim, according to his counsel, should be dismissed outright. They went on to add that she is now "suing Drake in an attempt to establish contact with him."

They even went so far as to term the case "frivolous" and "delusional figments of her imagination."


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Mesha claims Drake is exploiting her name for "defamatory purposes" by releasing songs, posting on social media, and promoting items with "names that breached her privacy by disclosing to the world where she resided," but Drake's lawyer claims this is "pure fabrication."

According to the petition, Drake had no clue who Mesha was until he was served with the case she had filed.

"He never knew who broke into his house in 2017, had never met Collins or spoken with her (or her friends), and was therefore completely oblivious of her existence (or her name, nickname, or likability) or where she resided."

Drake stated under oath in a declaration that he had no knowledge of the trespasser at the time of the break-in in his home in 2017, including her identity.

Drake further denied ever communicating with Mesha, as well as "never mentioned or even referred to Plaintiff (by her name, nickname, image/likeness, or otherwise) in any of my music, Instagram posts, or in connection with any products or services that I have endorsed."

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