The Beatles almost disbanded without giving their fans a proper closure when the band started making their final album, "Let It Be."

The Beatles broke up in 1970, and Paul McCartney recently blamed John Lennon for causing the split to happen.

The Beatles successfully recorded their final album, "Let It Be" in 1969, but the band almost did not release the hit masterpiece at all.

Although The Beatles already broke up when "Let It Be" bombarded the charts, the album topped several charts in the US and UK. Among the highest ratings they received were from AllMusic, Billboard, and Sputnikmusic.

However, the band almost never released the album before calling it quits.

The Beatles Almost Split Earlier Than They Did

In the new three-part documentary series on Disney+, "The Beatles: Get Back," Paul McCartney disclosed the once-unknown fact about the making of "Let It Be."

According to McCartney, tensions occurred when the band was given a two-week deadline to write and record the whole album. They received the pressure before the band member, Ringo Star, began filming the movie "The Magic Christian."

George Harrison reportedly expressed creative differences, while John Lennon put his focus too much on Yoko Ono.

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In the docuseries, Harrison said he wanted The Beatles to have a more collaborative vision. McCartney, on the other hand, was frustrated as he needed to act as the "captain of the ship" since the members were having their own priorities.

"I'm scared of me being the boss, and I have been for, like, a couple of years. And I never get any support or anything. So I just say, 'Hell, well, f - - k it,'" he said, as quoted by New York Post.

At one point, McCartney confronted Lennon about not learning the lyrics of their song, "Two of Us." In the end, he said that if Lennon would choose between the band and Yoko, the musician would reportedly choose her in a blink.

The Beatles Still Disbanded After The Issues

Though they were able to release the album, the band unfortunately ended up disbanding after Lennon suggested disbanding the group since they "could not work it out" any longer.

Per McCartney, Lennon instigated the split since he wanted to break loose.

The Beatles' then-new manager, Allen Klein, asked them not to speak about the split yet as he tried saving them through negotiation deals. However, McCartney reportedly got impatient and broke the news about the band's split - leading him to suffer from accusations he was the reason behind their separation.

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