Trying to come up with a captivating album cover is pretty difficult work, so some artists have cheated a little bit by basically reusing their album cover concepts, sometimes even three or four times. Here are eight artists who basically used the same album cover twice.

1. Minor Threat

One of the most famous images in all of hardcore punk is the photo of Ian MacKaye's brother Alec sitting down with his head buried in his arms. This photo was used as the cover to three separate Minor Threat releases: 1981's Minor Threat EP, 1984's Minor Threat compilation, and finally, 1989's Complete Discography compilation. Making matters more confusing, none of these album covers have titles written on them, simply the photograph with "MINOR THREAT" written down the side.

2. The Ramones

The cover for the Ramones' debut album features a black and white photograph of Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy leaning against a brick wall in their signature jackets. The cover of the band's third album Rocket to Russia, however, is pretty much the same thing, with the main difference being the angle of the photograph and the pink text.