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    'American Idol' Season 13 recap: Top 5 Performances From Hollywood Week Finals and Top 30 Thoughts

    This was it: the final show before American Idol goes live next week. Tonight (Feb. 13) viewers found out which contestants actually made it to the highly coveted live shows, and there were (of course) a few twists thrown in for good measure (see: drama, ratings). We'll get to all that and notes about the Top 30 at the end of this piece, but until then, let's revisit the top five performances from the last round of Hollywood Week.
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    'American Idol' Season 13 Recap: 5 Best Solo Turns from Top 30 Performers in Hollywood

    American Idol is inching ever closer to its weekly live shows and the talent is getting more raw and more undeniable. Last week started Hollywood off right with some instant solo cuts and the always insane group rounds, so tonight's episode (Feb. 12) cut straight to the chase with solo performances and the first round of Top 30 announcements.
  • 'American Idol' Season 13 Recap: 5 Best Auditions From Mediocre Omaha Showcase

    You would think American Idol would want to lead its viewers into its 13th Hollywood week of a struggling series with the best round of auditions ever, right? After last week's stellar showings with some of the best Idol talent in years from Detroit and Atlanta, and even last night's solid Salt Lake City auditions would lead you to believe Omaha had big things in store. But. Nope. These were the most mediocre auditions of the season by a long shot.
  • 'American Idol' Season 13 Recap: 5 Best Performances From Atlanta

    It was time for "American Idol" to go to the Dirty South tonight (Jan. 23), with the Atlanta auditions. The show oddly began with some Radiohead and a wake-up call from Ryan Seacrest's mama Connie, but soon it was back to the races as usual with some strong tryouts in the ATL.
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    American Idol Season 13 Recap: Rick Rolls and Weird Production

    It may be unlucky No. 13 for this season of "American Idol" ratings-wise, but that doesn't mean the show can't still find some raw talent. After last night's premiere, tonight (Jan. 16) found the reality talent show back in Austin and in San Francisco for auditions take two.
  • American Idol Season 13 Premiere Recap

    After a tumultuous season 12, with infighting between judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey making bigger headlines than any of the singers on the show, American Idol made some big changes for its season 13 premiere on Jan. 15. Most notably, Jennifer Lopez has returned as a judge and Harry Connick, Jr. has joined the panel, chalking the show up for some refocusing on the music and, of course trying to beat that ooother talent show competition.
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