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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

In the Name of Classical: St. Louis and Seattle Symphonies, Pierre Boulez, Jason Vieaux and More Take Home Grammys in 2015

While some high contenders in the mainstream battled it out last night for a much-desired Grammy, some of the other winners were unintentionally swept under the rug. For the classical genre, though, some artists made out quite well. They included the ...

Robert Spano Leads Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Opening Night, Substitutes Show Consequence of Lockout

In the days following the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's collective bargaining agreement, the company kicked off the season with a performance of Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5 and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, led by ASO music director Robert Spano.

The Kids Aren't Alright: Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and ASO Forced From First Seven Weeks of Season

The fight between the heads at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and its musicians has been viciously ongoing. For the parent organization, their next move targets the kids as they suspend the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and its auditions this ...

In Other Words: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Blocks 'Comments' Section on Website, Tightens Security Measures

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has started a significant downturn amid negotiations between musicians and management. In response to the negative comments regarding the lockout, the ASO shut down the "comments" section on the website.

READ: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Fails to Reach Contract Agreements, Spano's Band Facing Lockout and Cancellation of 2014-15 Season

The status of orchestras across the nation seem to remain steeped in perpetual turmoil. The Metropolitan Opera avoided a lockout, but now the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Saturday night deadline passed without a new contract agreement. This could ...

99 Problems: ASO in Contract Disputes Following 2014 Season, Symphonies Across the Nation Hit Turbulence

Performing symphonies have had their fair share of debacles this year--and The Metropolitan Opera's problems, while having been solved for now, may have marched to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's doorstep.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra "Take Over Midtown" with Quintet of Community Concerts

If you're going to give a community Christmas concert, why not five? And if you're going to do it out in the community, why not take the music to five different places? Why not, indeed? The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra see no reason why not and so have ...

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