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7 Great Songs with Spoken Word Lyrics: Blur, Tom Waits, and more

There are countless lyrics that sound totally idiotic when spoken instead of sung, but sometimes a songwriter will come up with some lyrics that can’t really be pinned onto to a melody. Here are seven great songs with spoken word lyrics.

Seven Albums Hated by the People Who Made Them: R.E.M., the Beatles, and more

Musicians have a very unusual relationship with the songs they write. Just like an actor doesn't sit around watching his or her own movies all day (hopefully), a musician doesn't listen to their own albums very often, for various reasons. They could ...

Pulp and 'Common People' top BBC Radio list of 'Best Britpop Songs'

A BBC Radio listener poll demonstrated that the most popular Britpop track didn't come from one of the two bands Americans have become overly familiar with (Oasis or Blur), but rather Pulp. The group's "Common People" came out on top.

Damon Albarn says he could drop a new Gorillaz album soon, talks the future of Blur

Damon Albarn's forthcoming debut solo album is out this month, but that's not all he has been working on. In an interview with NME, he teased a few other projects.

6 Bands That Would Be Better With Different Lyricists: Best Coast, Oasis, and more

Just because you can write excellent music doesn’t mean you can write excellent lyrics to go along with it. Johnny Marr knew this when he collaborated with Morrissey, and Elton John knew this when he teamed up with Bernie Taupin. Here are six bands ...

6 Pairs of Rival Artists That Would Make Great Music Together: Robert Smith & Morrissey, The Flaming Lips & Arcade Fire and more

When Blur’s Damon Albarn revealed that he and Oasis’s Noel Gallagher had been talking about possibly recording together, we here at Music Times didn’t quite believe it was true. The two are notorious rivals, so working with one another seems ...

Blur pulls out of Big Day Out via Facebook post, leaves fans and organizers baffled

We knew a guy back in the day that broke up with his girlfriend via Facebook. Not even a message, just changed his relationship status and let her figure it out. We gave him crap for months on end, and it was well-deserved. Blur may be in for similar ...

Classicalite’s Five Best: Rock Musicians with Classical Chops

Classicalite's list of the five best rock musicians who also compose classical music.

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