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‘If you Can Speak, You Can Sing.': Mentor Nicky Spence Explains Why Singing is Our Second Nature

Mentor Nicky Spence Explains Why 'Everyone Can be a Singer'

Exclusives 23:37PM EDT

Tenor Nicky Spence Believes it just takes the right confidence and training to bring out the singer in anyone!READ MORE


4 Pieces of Classical Music That Mean Quite The Opposite

Exclusives 00:37AM EDT

Looking at the origins of these familiar tunes actually put a damper on the otherwise celebratory mood they bring. Here are four of the most popular pieces of classical music that mean quite the opposite.READ MORE

A New York Bolt

Orthopedic Surgeon Opens Up On Lightning-Given Piano Skills

Buzz 07:40AM EDT

Orthopedic surgeon Tony Cicoria shared his experience on becoming a concert pianist in a flash after a lightning bolt struck him, in an interview with Vice Media's Extremes podcast.READ MORE

Classsical Music in the Age of The Internet

How the Internet Has Ushered in a New Era for Classical Music, According to Leon Botstein

Genres 12:25PM EDT

Many believe the rise of the Internet has contributed to the demise of the music industry. Though there has been a decrease in CD sales, how has the Internet affected classical music? According to Leon Botstein, music director of the American Symphony Orchestra, the Internet has ushered in a new era for classical music.READ MORE

BBC world headquarters in London.

The Column: When The BBC Turned Teacher, And Got It Right

Tour Journals 09:44AM EDT

So what do we think about this new initiative from the BBC, this idea to create a UK-wide scheme to introduce children to classical music through a proscribed list of "Ten Pieces"?READ MORE

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