Deer Hunter at 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 3

Deerhunter Releases "Breaker" Music Video Ahead of New Album 'Fading Frontier' [Watch]

Buzz 06:40AM EDT

Deerhunter has released their new "Breaker" music video ahead of their new album, 'Fading Frontier,' scheduled to be released next month (Oct. 16).READ MORE


Deerhunter Reveals Details For 'Fading Frontier,' Release Video For "Snakeskin"

Buzz 13:07PM EDT

Atlanta indie rockers Deerhunter recently added what is being referred to as the countdown to the rumored announcement for their forthcoming LP "Fading Frontier." An official statement confirming the purpose of the countdown has yet to be made by the band. Despite the lack of information concerning the recent update to the band's website, fans are interpreting what Pitchfork has coined the "mysterious clock" as a godsend.READ MORE

'Neon Bible' by Arcade Fire

Blur's 'Magic Whip' and 7 Other Album Covers with Neon: Paul McCartney, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and More

Buzz 14:34PM EDT

Blur's new album announcement came with 'Magic Whip's album art as well: a big, neon ice cream cone. Music Times gathered other album covers—from artists such as Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire and Miley Cyrus—who also featured the noble gas on their covers.READ MORE

Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian Shares Artwork, Tracklist for Upcoming Album 'Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance' [PHOTO]

Buzz 15:19PM EDT

Belle and Sebastian's upcoming studio album "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance" is not set for release until Jan. 20, but today the band has shared the album's cover and tracklist, which you can check out below.READ MORE

Michael Jackson -

10 Songs With Spoken Word Guest Spots: Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, And More

Exclusives 17:41PM EDT

When someone performs a guest spot on another artist's song, you can usually expect him or her to sing, or play an instrument, or even contribute a rap verse. However, these 10 songs feature guests performing spoken word contributions.READ MORE

The Ramones

7 Casting Suggestions For The Ramones Movie

Exclusives 15:30PM EDT

Earlier this week, it was announced that Martin Scorsese would be directing a biopic about punk legends the Ramones, which is set for release in 2016. Here are some people who I think should play the movie's lead roles.READ MORE

Deerhunter -

11 Album Covers That Represent The Band Name: Led Zeppelin, Deerhunter, And More

Exclusives 08:18AM EDT

Writing a band name on the front of an album is usually enough information for most music consumers to figure out who an album is by, but these artists took this a step further, by choosing cover art that actually represents the band name.READ MORE

St. Vincent

Beyoncé's Producer Is Wrong, 8 Artists That Prove Guitar Music Isn't Dead: Jack White, St. Vincent, And More

Exclusives 13:20PM EDT

This past week, pop producer Greg Kurstin, who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson, declared that guitar music is at an "all time low," especially in the United States. Anyone who follows music that goes even slightly off the mainstream knows that this claim is absolutely false, and here are 8 current artists (all American, by the way) to prove it.READ MORE

Nirvana -

7 Alt-Rock Bands Whose Debut Albums Are Their Worst: Radiohead, Nirvana, And More

Exclusives 13:56PM EDT

There are many classic debut albums throughout rock history, such as R.E.M.'s Murmur or the Strokes' Is This It, which found success because the band had plenty of time to tweak and perfect the songs before stepping into a studio. Some debut albums, however, sound far less confident and even derivative, as if the band hadn't nailed down its own sound yet. Here are seven alt-rock bands whose debut albums are their worst.READ MORE

The Smiths -

8 Great Opening Tracks That Are Unlike The Rest Of The Album: Wilco, The Smiths, And More

Exclusives 10:31AM EDT

A good opening track should offer a captivating example of the rest of the album to come, but sometimes a song is chosen to open the album that doesn't sound anything like the other songs. Here are eight great opening tracks that are unlike the rest of the album.READ MORE

The White Stripes

10 Best American Bands Of The Last 20 Years

Exclusives 12:36PM EDT

England may have given us the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead, but the list of legendary bands from the United States is just as impressive: The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, R.E.M., and much more. To celebrate America's birthday today, here's a ranking of the ten best American bands of the last twenty years.READ MORE


10 Indie/Alt-Rock Musicians Who Have Acted: Jack White, Björk, And More

Exclusives 21:35PM EDT

Though plenty of pop and (especially) hip-hop stars have dabbled in acting, they're not the only musicians who have second careers as thespians. Here are ten indie rock/alternative rock musicians who have acted in films and television.READ MORE

Nirvana -

8 Pairs Of Bands With The Same (Or Similar) Names: Nirvana, Death, and more

Exclusives 09:37AM EDT

Though two bands having similar names was understandable in the past, when you couldn't just Google your own name to see if it's been taken, there's no excuse for this in the Internet age, and yet it still occasionally happens. Here are eight pairs of bands with the same (or similar) names.READ MORE

Nirvana -

7 Artists Who Could Have Been Sued for Plagiarism (But Weren't): The Smiths, Nirvana, and More

Exclusives 13:15PM EDT

Though there have been plenty of times when musicians were sued for plagiarizing one of their songs, this usually only happens when the song becomes a hit. Musicians steal from each other far more than you might think, and most of the time it isn't brought to court. Here are seven great artists who could have been sued for plagiarism, but weren't.READ MORE

David Bowie -

6 Albums Divided Into Two Distinct Halves: The Beatles, David Bowie, and more

Exclusives 16:21PM EDT

Before the invention of CDs, artists had to sequence their albums with consideration to the two sides of a record, meaning that each half of the album had to flow and feel complete on its own. This resulted in many albums where the two sides are quite different from one another. Here are six excellent albums that are divided into two distinct halves.READ MORE

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