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Nirvana 'Nevermind'

8 Classic Album Titles Taken from Song Lyrics: Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and more

Exclusives 12:34PM EDT

Many of the greatest albums of all time have title tracks on them, or songs that the album is named after (London Calling, Highway 61 Revisited, etc.), but an even more interesting trend is naming the album after lyrics, rather than one of the songs. Here are eight classic albums that took their titles from the lyrics.READ MORE

Black Sabbath -

8 Albums That Open with Their Best Song: Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, and more

Exclusives 11:19AM EDT

The tracklisting for an album can make or break the listener's opinion of it. If an album doesn't open powerfully enough, the listener might not even make it through the rest of the songs. These eight albums got around this problem by placing the best song right at the top.READ MORE

Kent Nagano

Conductor Kent Nagano Talks California Surfing, WWII Internment, Messiaen Internship, Not Speaking Japanese and Frank Zappa

Tour Journals 11:30AM EDT

"Nearly every child I knew surfed because there's no admission to the sea." -- Kent NaganoREAD MORE

Circus Galop: Canadian Pianist Marc-André Hamelin on Performing, Composing and 'Synethesia'

Tour Journals 18:50PM EDT

Pianist Hamelin breathes new life into "dead" composersREAD MORE

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