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A Punk's Musical Guide to the New York Presidential Primary [PLAYLIST]

13 classy punk rock tunes to jam with while you're waiting on line to vote in New York

Highest Net Worth Punk Performers: John Lydon, Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye Are Worth More Than You Would Think

One genre is routinely left out of Forbes' investigations of who makes the most money in music: punk!

#Fugazi1888: Public Enemy, Morrissey and Pixies Try to Sell Their Classic Albums 100 Years Earlier

Music Times scrounged together a list of other classic 1988 performances and wondered what would happen if those same performers had to justify their works 100 years earlier, to jump on the #Fugazi1888 bandwagon.

13 Albums That End With Their Title Track: Bruce Springsteen, Sinead O'Connor, And More

An album's title track is inevitably given more weight than the album's other songs, because it's natural to assume that the one song the entire album s named after must be something special. However, these artists chose to place even more weight on ...

5 Musicians With Two Equally Famous Bands: Dave Grohl, Eric Clapton, And More

Plenty of musicians join more than one band throughout their careers, but most of them end up being associated with just one band. That's why Paul McCartney is always referred to as a member of the Beatles, and not a member of Wings. However, there ...

7 Bands With More Than One Lead Singer: The B-52's, Fleetwood Mac, And More

When pinpointing a band's most famous member, you usually can't go wrong by choosing the lead singer. But what if the band doesn't have a lead singer? If a band has more than one songwriter, it typically has more than one lead singer, too. Here are ...

8 Albums That Close with Their Best Song: The Clash, Morrissey, and more

I've previously written articles about albums that open with their best song, as well as albums that close out pretty anti-climactically, so I thought it would only be fair to take a look at albums that have excellent closing tracks. Here are eight ...

6 Pairs of Artists Who Were Childhood Friends: Daft Punk & Phoenix, Ian MacKaye & Henry Rollins, and more

Musicians often become friends through their professional lives, whether they're recording together or playing together, but some famous musicians were actually friends back before they ever became famous. Here are six pairs of artists who were ...

8 Musicians Who Switched Their Instruments: Paul McCartney, Joey Ramone, and more

It's not uncommon for members of a band to switch around the instruments they play every once in a while, but what is uncommon is for someone to permanently take up a different instrument than the one they originally played. Here are eight musicians ...

6 Artists Who Never Went Solo (But Should): Carrie Brownstein, Michael Stipe, and more

With the release of Damon Albarn's first solo LP Everyday Robots, I've started thinking about other artists who have been in the music game for a long time, but have never chosen to go solo. Here are six artists that I would love to hear solo albums ...

6 Artists Whose Second Band Was Superior: Jimmy Page, Ian MacKaye, and more

When a musician is kicked out of a high-profile band, or if that band breaks up, they can usually be expected to start another band soon afterwards. While these bands are rarely better than the old ones (see: Wings, Big Audio Dynamite), sometimes the ...

6 Reasons Why Basement Shows are Better Than Venue Shows

I've written some reviews of basement shows for Music Times, and the more often I go to them, the more I'm convinced that they're superior to big venue shows in almost every way. Here are some reasons why.

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