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Neil Young Launches Tirade Against Google For Ripping Off Artists

Neil Young recently criticized Google, Facebook, and Amazon for allegedly ripping off artists. The 72-year-old musician has not received a response from the three companies.

Nas Writes Open Letter To Honor Black Musicians For Black History Month Celebration

Nas recounted how the music of the black artists before him has influenced his life as a young man in Queens. The hip-hop and rap veteran wrote a letter celebrating Black History Month.

Rhapsody Rebrands as Napster à la Early 2000s Peer-to-Peer Music Piracy Heyday

Yesterday, music streaming service Rhapsody announced they are rebranding themselves as Napster, the name of the popular but ultimately doomed early-aughts peer-to-peer file sharing service the company acquired in 2011.

Google Being Sued By Same Band Suing TIDAL Over Royalty Payments

The American Dollar and Yesh Music are back at it again with another lawsuit. The band, led by John Emanuele, and his publishing company have decided to sue Google for alleged unpaid royalties. This comes just a short while after they went after ...

Are Spotify, Apple Music, and Other Streaming Services Actually Boosting Record Sales?

Are music streaming services really as bad as some artists paint them out to be?

Google Retiring Songza Website, App For Streaming Push

Google has decided to retire the Songza brand in favor of swallowing it whole for its big push into streaming. The playlist curation service was acquired by Google in July 2014 and over a year and a half later on Jan, 31, 2016 Google will retire the ...

Google Founder Eric Schmidt Calls Apple Music "Elitist" as Opposed to "Democratic"

In an op-ed for the BBC, Google founder and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt had some harsh words directed at Apple Music's tactics to pursue human curated playlists, calling the approach "elitist" (as opposed to Google's own "Democratic" approach).

Google Play's 'Classical Live' Gives Orchestras New Outlet for Live Records

Perhaps the largest effort to bring classical into the digital age, Google's upcoming music platform, dubbed 'Classical Live' aims to bring together audiences of all stripes. The idea is to provide listeners with exactly what the namesake denotes: ...

Google's Self Driving Cars to Hit the Road This Summer

This summer in Mountain View, California, expect to see Google's self-driving cars leave the test track to weave in and out of traffic for the very first time.

YouTube Still Unprofitable Despite Posting $4 Billion Revenue In 2014

YouTube still is not turning a profit. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the massive video sharing service posted $4 billion in revenue in 2014. This is an improvement on 2013's posting of $3 billion, but the company is still only barely ...

Lawsuit Against Google, Sony, Rdio, Beats Electronics and More May End Pre-1972 Music Streaming and Internet Radio

Music streaming controversy has gotten uglier as a lawsuits have been filed against Google, Sony Entertainment, Rdio, Songza, Apple's Beats Electronics and more on behalf of the music group that owns the catalogues of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Hot ...

Google Adds Lyrics to Its Search

Google is once again looking to change the way we search. The Silicon Valley giant has just revealed its new lyric searching system that allows users to search for song lyrics, and the words will come up as a native Google result. The result pulls ...

Apple Deletes White-Power Music from iTunes Following Report; Amazon and Google Have Yet to Respond

Apple recently took down work on iTunes from bands that was deemed "white-power" or "racial-supremacy" music by the Southern Poverty Law Center in a new report. The company came under fire for offering the hateful music as well as giving customers ...

Apple Reportedly Set To Relaunch Beats Music In March 2015

After Apple bought Beats for $3 billion earlier this year, industry experts wondered what the Silicon Valley giant planned to do with the company. Now according to a report in the Financial Times, there appears to be some clarity on what the intent ...

Spain Passes Controversial "Google Tax" to Crack Down on Media Aggregation for Sites Such as 'Huffington Post'

Music Times may opt to block its content from Spanish web services following a controversial piece of legislation that allows the government to levy fines against web services that use bits of media, such as audio and video, without paying for. The ...

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