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Hilary Clinton

'American Horror Story: Cult' Opening Credits & Official Trailer Reference 2016 US Elections

With the release of the opening credits of the "American Horror Story:Cult" opening credits and trailer, it is safe to say that the new season will be related to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

Jay Z Announces Cleveland Ohio Concert For Hilary Clinton Aimed At Black Voters

Hilary Clinton is not only beating Donald Trump handily in the polls right now, but also in the celebrity endorsements.

Adele is Hillary Clinton's Favorite, Calls Her 'My Go to Voice' [LISTEN]

Although busy for the campaign, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sat down in an interview with Sirius XM in Miami where she talked about the kind of music she likes which included Adele.

Graham Nash Supports Sanders and Clinton, Says Donald Trump Plays on People's Fears

Graham Nash created some of the most poignant political protest songs of the 60s and 70s and seen some crazy elections, but from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, he says this is the strangest.

Miley Cyrus Announces Tour With the Flaming Lips on 'Saturday Night Live'

Adding to her MTV Video Music Awards hosting experience, Miley Cyrus took on the comical duty of hosting and performing for the 41st season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" this week. The singer used her time in the spotlight to announce a tour with ...

Hillary Clinton 2016: Who's Choosing Presidential Hopeful's Music?

Hillary Clinton spent more than $46 million on her campaign in pursuit of the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, so you can only imagine how much gets spent on every facet of the political trail, including music. Billboard published an ...

Ja Rule Talks Baltimore, Endorses 2016 Presidential Candidate On Fox

With a 24-hour news cycle, there is a lot of time to fill for cable news networks. There are only so many old reruns of sparse original programming and rehashes of the same topic by the same hosts that a channel can run. This however can lead to some ...

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