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Lauryn Hill Dedicates New Recording Of 'Black Rage' To Ferguson [LISTEN]

Late last night, Lauryn Hill shared a "sketch" of her song "Black Rage" through her Twitter account, which you can listen to below. The song is based on Rodgers & Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things," and is dedicated to the residents of Ferguson, ...

14 Album Covers With An Illustration Of The Artist: The Beatles, OutKast, And More

Sure, a photograph of the artist is probably the simplest route to take when designing an album cover, but a painting or a drawing can sometimes proves to be far stranger. Here are 14 album covers with an illustration of the artist.

Lauryn Hill Arrives Late For Concert & Scolds Crowd About Respect, Has Fan Thrown Out of Show [WATCH]

It’s been reported by TMZ that Hill showed up way late for her show last week in Chicago, and then began to lecture a fan who was disrespectful towards her. Lauryn Hill shows up late to concert and lectures fans about respect

10 Great Artists Known For Just One Album: Television, Nas, And More

Most artists have one album that's generally regarded as their best, but sometimes these albums are so incredible and obviously superior that the rest of the artist's discography becomes overshadowed. Here are ten great artists who are known for just ...

Green Label Lists Greatest Hip-Hop Album Art of All Time: Nas, Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest Rule

Green Label has issued its ruling of the Top 14 hip-hop album covers of all time, and we don't envy the process. Hip-hop, like alternative rock, is full of incredibly artistic pieces.

7 Songs Written About Ex-Bandmates: Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and more

Being in a band can be stressful work. Sometimes this can lead to vicious disputes between bandmates or untimely departures from the band, and because these are musicians we're talking about, songs are inevitably written about these tensions. These ...

Lauryn Hill back in trouble with Uncle Sam, owes another $867,000

Just when we thought she was getting it all back together, Lauryn Hill is back in trouble with Uncle Sam.

Electric Forest announces lineup amid legal dispute: Zedd, Lauryn Hill, Aloe Blacc Steve Angello and more

Despite a looming legal clash going on between various music promoters and the property on which it's held, the Electric Forest Festival announced its lineup for the 2014 event.

Lauryn Hill performs 'Something' on Letterman for Beatles Week [WATCH]

Lauryn Hill stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman last night as part of Beatles Week, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. She performed the classic George Harrison-written track "Something," off ...

Flaming Lips, Imagine Dragons and Lauryn Hill top lineup of first Amnesty International Human Rights Concert since 1998

Amnesty International has announced the lineup for its Human Rights Concert...the first since 1998. The show will take place at the Barclays Center in New York City on February 5, featuring headliners including the Flaming Lips, Imagine Dragons and ...

Lauryn Hill Releases New Single 'Consumerism'...Will Be Released From Prison Later Today [LISTEN]

Lauryn Hill just got out of prison and, just like many rappers, she's got money on her mind. In the former Fugee's case however, her focus is on capitalism and corporate greed.

Lauryn Hill Pens Open Letter to Fans From Federal Prison [PHOTOS]: The Neurotic Society Rapper Says Recived A 'Warm Welcome...Prison Life Has Taken SOme Adjustments'

Lauryn Hill may have had to abandon her six children and home in July to commenc serving her three month sentence at federal prison for tax ivasion, however the "Miseducation" singer remains optomistic in her open letter to fans...

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