Lecrae and Andy Mineo

4 Most Popular Christian Hip-Hop Artists Who Rap About Their Faith

Exclusives 20:57PM EDT

Get to know more of the hip-hop/rap artists, Lecrae, NF, KB & Andy Mineo dominating the Christian music community.READ MORE

'Blanca' by Blanca

Blanca Experiments in First Pop Album Away from Group 1 Crew

Buzz 12:02PM EDT

Society always celebrates the records that top the Billboard 200 album chart. Back of The Billboards is a Music Times weekly segment that looks at the opposite end: the new record that finished closest to the back of the Billboard 200 for the previous week. We hope to give a fighting chance to the bands you haven't heard of. This week we look at the self-titled solo debut of former Group 1 Crew member Blanca Callahan.READ MORE


Grammys 2015 Best Gospel Performance/Song Nominees, Who Should & Will Win: Lecrae's Star Power Tough to Top

Buzz 17:01PM EDT

The Grammys do not give too much of a rip about the gospel category, as evidenced by the combination of "performance/song" that several other genres get split into two categories. But it is a blessing in disguise, because we get to judge these songs as the full package. There is star power in the 2015 nominees -- most notably Lecrae and Mali Music -- and plenty of talent -- Karen Clark-Sheard's singing performance will knock your socks off -- but who should win? And who will win?READ MORE


Grammys 2015 Best Rap Performance Nominees, Who Should Win & Who Will Win: All Attention on Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Exclusives 08:00AM EDT

Music Times considers the 2015 Grammy nominees for Best Rap Performance, featuring tracks from Eminem, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Lecrae.READ MORE


Eminem Will Lose Rap Grammy to Lecrae, According to Bun B

Buzz 20:42PM EDT

The UGK rapper is a devout Christian, and recently predicted that fellow Christian artists Lecrae and Mali Music would beat out several internationally prominent performers for awards.READ MORE


Lecrae Featured on 'The Tonight Show' Performing 'Welcome To America' [WATCH]

Buzz 18:07PM EDT

Lecrae returned to television Friday night, performing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." The gospel rap artist performed his track, "Welcome to America," which comes off of his chart-topping album, 'Anomaly,' his seventh release. The album is nominated for three Grammy awards.READ MORE


Christian Rapper Lecrae To Battle Eminem, Drake Others For Best Rap Performance Grammy

Genres 16:34PM EDT

Lecrae Moore, who is known by fans simply as Lecrae, snuck up on rap fans this year with his No. 1 album, 'Anomaly.' A Christian artist, he's been slowly ascending the Billboard 200 over his past several releases, including a No. 3 slot for 2012's 'Gravity.'READ MORE


Lecrae - Mixing Christianity and Real Life Perfectly

Buzz 21:57PM EDT

Last month, Lecrae became the first artist in any genre to have an album at the top of the Billboard 200 and the gospel music charts at the same time. Anomaly covered the best of both worlds - it was "Christian enough" for church and "real life" enough for the mainstream. That same mix is a representation of the man himself as well as his entire world view.READ MORE


Lecrae Adds Three Shows to the Anomaly Tour

Buzz 14:56PM EDT

The Anomaly Tour with Lecrae and Andy Mineo has been so successful that Premier Productions, and Live Nation have added a few dates in. Still running through November 21, where it will wrap up in Atlanta, the tour will now be making extra stops in three more cities.READ MORE

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand Breaks Record on Top of Billboard 200; Chris Brown, Tim McGraw and George Strait Have Big Weeks as Well

Genres 12:07PM EDT

Album sales continue to be huge for a third-straight week as the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 was loaded with seven debuts for a second week.READ MORE


Lecrae and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Genres 00:53AM EDT

Thursday night, Lecrae made history when he became the first Christian rapper to appear on The Tonight Show. He shared part of "Nuthin'" from his #1 album, 'Anomaly' and in a web special, shared the story behind the song. He's also sharing a free download of an unreleased song that you don't want to miss.READ MORE

Lecrae Takes First No. 1 in Week Full of New Albums; from Jhene Aiko, Ryan Adams, Robert Plant and More

Genres 11:46AM EDT

There aren't as many huge debuts as last week but this week does mark the most new albums to crack into the Top 10 yet during 2014 as seven new records make the list this week. Yes, that does mean that the Frozen soundtrack has finally left the Top 10 for the first time this year. Big things are happening.READ MORE

Lecrae (2013)

The Hottest Gospel Songs to End Your Work Week With

Exclusives 20:35PM EDT

According to Billboard, these are the Top 10 Urban Gospel tunes in the nation! What a great way to end your week and start your weekend.READ MORE

Hezekiah Walker

2014 Dove Awards Hosts and Performers Announced

Genres 13:31PM EDT

When the 45th annual Dove Awards kicks off on October 7, it will be with Bart Millard from MercyMe and Lecrae sharing hosting duties. Thus far, only four presenters and four performers have been announced but based on what we've got so far, it looks like the night will be as star studded as it gets!READ MORE

Lecrae (2013)

Lecrae Calls The Hip Hop Culture on the Carpet

Genres 20:29PM EDT

Once again, Lecrae has spoken out against what he sees as a wrong and called out the hip hop culture.READ MORE

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