Dave Lombardo, American guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, and Chilean-born American bassist and singer Tom Araya of Slayer

Dave Lombardo of Slayer Will Join Misfits On Reunion Tour

Buzz 09:45AM EDT

Dave Lombardo, formerly of Slayer, will be joining reunited band the Misfits. Lombardo was a founding member of Slayer and is slated to play with the band on their upcoming reunion tour.READ MORE

Musician Glenn Danzig performs at the 5th Annual Revolver Golden Gods Award Show at Club Nokia on May 2, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Danzig Allegedly Punches Photographer, Confirms Retirement from Touring

Buzz 10:00AM EDT

Danzig, the stage name of former Misfits frontman Glenn Anzalone, allegedly punched a photographer during a concert in Montreal last week. Following the incident, Danzig reportedly told Loudwire, "I think this is going to be it" after one of his New York City shows this past week, asserting, "I'll do some shows here or there, but I don't think I'm going to tour anymore." The metal-infused horror punk pioneer will finish his remaining Blackest of the Black North American tour dates with Superjoint before retiring from the road.READ MORE

Ramones -

10 Great Songs Named After Horror Films: Ramones, Black Sabbath, And More

Buzz 10:27AM EDT

Happy Halloween! If you don't have time to watch any scary movies today, try listening to these 10 songs instead, which are all named after horror movies.READ MORE

Slayer -

13 Best Albums To Play on Halloween: Black Sabbath, Slayer and More

Buzz 20:58PM EDT

Halloween is coming up this Friday (in case you forgot), so if you're looking for some spooky music to play at your Halloween party, or just something to play around the house that night for some atmosphere, check out these 13 albums.READ MORE


8 Band Names That Describe the Music: Metallica, The Beach Boys and More

Buzz 14:27PM EDT

There are plenty of bands who choose names that don't really tell you anything about what they might sound like (who would have guessed that Portishead was a dark trip-hop band?). These eight bands, however, chose names that describe what their music sounds like pretty well.READ MORE

Beastie Boys

7 Great Artists Who Switched Genres Early in Their Careers: Pink Floyd, Beastie Boys and More

Buzz 14:47PM EDT

Though most musicians tend to evolve musically over the course of their careers, they usually stick to the same genre they started off in. But these seven, great artists — from Pink Floyd to the Beastie Boys — actually started off playing totally different styles of music early in their careers from the ones they eventually became known for.READ MORE

Goodnight Vienna

6 Album Covers That Reference Movies: Weird Al, Ringo Starr, And More

Exclusives 16:34PM EDT

If you want your album cover to catch someone's eye when they're looking around for music online or in a record store, one good way is to design an album cover that looks strangely familiar. These six artists did just that by basing their album covers off of famous movies.READ MORE

The Smiths -

10 Albums That Close With Their Shortest Song: The Beatles, The Smiths, And More

Exclusives 12:21PM EDT

Many musicians have a natural inclination to close out albums or concerts with their biggest number (see: Purple Rain), but these ten artists did just the opposite, by placing the shortest track on the album at the very end.READ MORE

Johnny Cash -

8 Studio Albums That Feature A Live Track: Neil Young, Johnny Cash, And More

Exclusives 13:59PM EDT

One of the primary objectives for a record producer is to make sure all of the songs on an album sound sonically consistent, but some artists choose to do away with this consistency by incorporating a live recording into the otherwise studio recorded album. Here are eight studio albums that feature a live track.READ MORE

Misfits -

11 Band Names Taken From Movies: Misfits, Black Sabbath, And More

Exclusives 10:04AM EDT

Coming up with an original band name is a very difficult task, which is why so many musicians turn to cinema to find a suitable name for their band. Here are eleven band names that were taken from movies.READ MORE

Eric Clapton

5 Musicians With Two Equally Famous Bands: Dave Grohl, Eric Clapton, And More

Exclusives 18:42PM EDT

Plenty of musicians join more than one band throughout their careers, but most of them end up being associated with just one band. That's why Paul McCartney is always referred to as a member of the Beatles, and not a member of Wings. However, there are some artists who are lucky enough to have been members of two different bands that are equally as famous or influential. Here are five artists that are equally known for two different bands.READ MORE

The Dukes of Stratosphear -

6 Bands That Released Music Under Two Different Names: XTC, Yo La Tengo, and more

Exclusives 09:18AM EDT

In a world where the Smashing Pumpkins can tour and release music with only one original member, it's unusual to see bands change their names with only the slightest shifts in line-up or style. Here are six bands that released music under two different names.READ MORE

The Misfits

6 Bands That Continued After Their Songwriter Left: Misfits, Pink Floyd and more

Exclusives 18:18PM EDT

It's not uncommon for a band to shift personnel every once in a while, but one thing a band rarely survives is the loss of the primary songwriter. However, sometimes a band overcomes this loss and continues making music, and as these six bands proved, this can either an improvement or a horrible mistake.READ MORE

Minor Threat -

8 Incredible Albums That Are Extremely Short: Misfits, Minor Threat, and more

Exclusives 12:09PM EDT

A few days ago I wrote an article about incredible albums that would be better if they simply didn’t go on for so long. These eight albums I’ve listed here today have the opposite problem: they’re maddeningly brief. The term “long play record” can be used very loosely to describe these albums.READ MORE

Springsteen + Weinberg

8 Artists Who Would Make For Interesting Musicals: Springsteen, Bowie, and more

Exclusives 17:08PM EDT

Even though a musical based on his songs is probably the last thing he ever wanted, the music of Kurt Cobain is coming to Broadway, apparently. Nirvana's music is excellent, but if I were in charge of selecting a catalog of songs to adapt into a musical, Nirvana would be towards the bottom of my list. Here's who would be at the top:READ MORE

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