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8 Artists Who Hated The Production On Their Own Albums: Nirvana, Oasis, And More

Making albums is almost always a collaborative process between the artist and their producer, which means that egos often clash and ideas are often compromised. For these eight artists, however, these compromises apparently didn't work out in their ...

Download Announces Final Headliners for 2015: Slipknot, Muse and KISS will Lead The Weekend; Motley Crue Makes Last Stand

Download, possibly the world's largest (or at least most renowned) purely rock festival, has completed its announcement of headliners for next year's event, which will take place over the weekend of June 12-14 next year in Donington. Slipknot, Muse ...

Billy Corgan Fired Smashing Pumpkins Drummer For Being A "Twitch" With "ADD"

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has a notoriously strained relationship with the people he's played music with, so it came as no surprise when he fired drummer Mike Byrne back in June. Though the reasons for Byrne's dismissal weren't made ...

Smashing Pumpkins Share New Single 'One and All' from Upcoming Album 'Monuments to an Elegy' [LISTEN]

In anticipation of their upcoming album "Monuments to an Elegy," The Smashing Pumpkins have shared another new single, titled "One and All," which you can check out below. Fans of the Pumpkins will not be disappointed, as the song has a darkly ...

Axl Rose Reportedly Has Two New Guns N' Roses Albums Recorded

Guns N' Roses' 2008 album "Chinese Democracy" famously took so long to record that it became more of a punchline than an album. However, the band's next album might be coming much sooner than we think. According to guitarist DJ Ashba, Guns N' Roses ...

7 Bands Whose Bassist Is The Primary Songwriter: The Beach Boys, Iron Maiden And More

Whenever a band has one member who writes most of the songs, it's more often than not the band's guitar player. However, these seven bands break the mold by featuring primary songwriting contributions from their bassists, rather than their ...

STREAM iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas: Taylor Swift, One Direction, Weezer, Lorde and More Live

This weekend, Las Vegas will be taken over by the power of pop music. And rock. And country. And hip-hop. Tonight (Sept. 19) and tomorrow (Sept. 20), the iHeartRadio Music Festival will rock the Vegas strip, with performances from some of the biggest ...

Mötley Crüe Reveal Final Concerts Will Be In Las Vegas, L.A.

Hard rockers Mötley Crüe recently outlined where they plan to play their final shows, and it looks like there's going to be homecoming dates in Los Angeles.

Motley Crue Give Justin Bieber Tips On Being A Bad Boy: ‘Get Into A Fight With A Cop’

During an interview with Q Magazine the subject of Justin Bieber and his recent arrests came up. And Motley Crue happily gave some "advice" on being bad.

11 Music Videos Set In High School: Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears, And More

Even though I don't go to school anymore, part of me is still pretty depressed that back to school season is upon us. If you're as bummed out as I am, here are some classic music videos set at high school to help you through this tough time.

Wiz Khalifa and 'Blacc Hollywood' Break 'Guardians of The Galaxy's Hold on Billboard 200

After two weeks of domination from compilation albums, an individual performer has risen to take the top spot on the Billboard 200. Wiz Khalifa and his newest album, Blacc Hollywood, took the prize with 90,000 copies sold. It's the performer's first ...

Gene Simmons, Nikki Sixx: Motley Crue Member Slams Kiss Frontman Over ‘Moronic’ Comments About Depression

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has never been one to keep his mouth shut, but it seems now that has gotten him into some hot water. The veteran rocker recently did a Q&A with SongFacts, and based on a couple of lengthy comments he made about those with ...

5 Musicians to Keep Your Daughters Away From: Guns 'n' Roses, Motley Crue and Flava Flav, More

Dating site eHarmony is having Fred Durst direct a series of commercials for its upcoming campaign. Durst may have been awfully immature in his earlier years but he seems to have figured it out as of late. Here are five performers we want our ...

7 Musicians Who Have Rejoined Their Bands: Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more

Line-up changes are common within huge rock bands, but after someone leaves a band, it's very rare for them to ever rejoin. Here are seven musicians who rejoined their bands after leaving.

Michael Sweet vs. Nikki Sixx

When Stryper's Michael Sweet wrote his autobiography, his reference to Motley Crue wasn't a dig or a slap, it was simply a comparison. Sadly, Nikkie Sixx didn't take it as it was intended and slapped out at Michael through social media.

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