Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

10 Artists Whose Debut Singles Were Covers: Nirvana, Rush, And More

Buzz 16:37PM EDT

Signing a brand new and therefore untested artist can be a risky move for most labels, so in order to get around this, some labels push their new artists to record cover songs for their debut singles as a sort of test run. Here are 10 artists who recorded cover songs for their debut singles.READ MORE

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac

10 Best Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks-Fleetwood Mac Songs

Buzz 12:28PM EDT

On Dec. 31, 1974 — 40 years ago today — guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and singer Stevie Nicks, who performed together at the time under the name Buckingham Nicks, joined British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac. Though the band had found great success in the British blues scene of the late 1960s and early '70s, the inclusion of Buckingham and Nicks to the line-up transformed Fleetwood Mac into the biggest pop band in the world. To celebrate this anniversary, here are the 10 best Fleetwood Mac songs written by Buckingham or Nicks, in alphabetical order.READ MORE

Oasis -

8 Artists Who Hated The Production On Their Own Albums: Nirvana, Oasis, And More

Buzz 17:30PM EDT

Making albums is almost always a collaborative process between the artist and their producer, which means that egos often clash and ideas are often compromised. For these eight artists, however, these compromises apparently didn't work out in their favor. Here are eight artists who hated the production on their albums.READ MORE

Cyndi Lauper -

8 Albums Named After Their Cover Songs: Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, And More

Exclusives 15:24PM EDT

When you put a cover song on an album of otherwise original music, it's typically the sort of thing that's tucked away somewhere deep into the tracklisting and not really highlighted. However, these artists felt that their cover songs were so important to the fabric of their albums that they made them the title tracks. Here are eight albums named after their cover songs.READ MORE

Nick Drake

8 Music Biopics We'd Love To See: David Bowie, Nick Drake, And More

Exclusives 16:17PM EDT

With the recent news of biopics about N.W.A. and Aaliyah, I started thinking about some musicians whose lives I'd like to see dramatized in a film. Here are eight musical biopics that I'd love to see.READ MORE

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

5 Artists Who Became Songwriters After They Debuted: Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, and more

Exclusives 21:47PM EDT

Just because someone's an excellent performer doesn't mean they're an excellent songwriter as well. Some artists are talented enough to have debuted as both excellent performers and songwriters, such as the Beatles, but some artists were only comfortable writing their own material after they were established as performers. Here are five artists who eventually became great songwriters after they debuted.READ MORE

Peter Gabriel -

7 Artists Who Recruited Old Bandmates For Solo Albums: Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, and more

Exclusives 09:19AM EDT

When musicians leave their bands and go on to record solo albums, it seems like their former bandmates would be the last people they'd want to help out. However, these seven musicians actually recruited their old bandmates to perform on their solo albums.READ MORE

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds -

8 Songs Written About Other Musicians: Nirvana, Nick Cave, and more

Exclusives 15:23PM EDT

A vast majority of musicians write about things that they either love or hate, whether it means certain places, politics, or even other musicians. Here are eight songs written about other musicians.READ MORE

The B-52's -

6 Artists Whose Debut Songs Were Their Best: The B-52's, Black Flag, and more

Exclusives 15:00PM EDT

It's not uncommon for an artist's debut album to be its best work, but some artists have debut singles that are so unequivocally excellent that they never again write anything that good. Here are six artists who's debut song was their best.READ MORE

David Bowie as the Thin White Duke, 1976

6 Famous Musicians Accused of Racism: Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and more

Exclusives 17:47PM EDT

In an email sent to Pitchfork yesterday, drummer Kliph Scurlock explained why he was fired from the Flaming Lips, blaming singer Wayne Coyne and accusing him of racism. In our increasingly progressive society, accusations of racism are thrown around quite often, and as this story shows, even great musicians are subject to it. Here are six other great artists who have been accused of racism.READ MORE

Neil Young -

7 Album Covers That Don't Match the Music: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, and more

Exclusives 09:32AM EDT

A good album cover should compliment the music inside, and a lot of covers do this very well. The ethereal cover of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless matches the album’s ethereal music, but some album covers suggest something completely different than what the music actually offers. Here are seven album covers that don’t match the album’s music.READ MORE

Nine Artists Who Re-Recorded Their Own Songs: Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, and more

Exclusives 11:34AM EDT

Musicians love doing their own interpretations of songs written by other people, but sometimes they make the unusual choice of recording new versions of their own songs. Sometimes this is done to improve on the original, but other times they simply want to take one of their old songs and try it in a different style. Here are nine artists who did just that.READ MORE

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