R. Kelly

Leaked Video Shows R. Kelly Saying ‘It’s Too Late’ To Stop His Music Legacy

Buzz 07:33AM EDT

In a viral video, R. Kelly responded to the sexual misconduct accusations made against him by saying that his legacy is untouchable. This comes a day after a woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the singer gave her herpes.READ MORE

Captain Kirk Douglas of The Roots

SXSW 2018 To Showcase British Acts In 5 Nightlong Lineups

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The British artists that will perform at this year's SXSW were recently named. The event will feature all artists from the United Kingdom on five consecutive nights hosted by the British Embassy and the BBC.READ MORE

Pandora Holiday Live event at Pier 36 on December 6, 2016 in New York City

Pandora Premium: Streaming Company Unveils On-Demand Service For 2017

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The service will arrive in early 2017.READ MORE

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Pandora Unveils AMPcast So Artists Can Directly Message Fans

Buzz 12:31PM EDT

Pandora is trying to navigate the increasingly crowded streaming market that now finds it playing catchup to other services like Spotify and Apple Music. In an attempt to try and become more artist friendly, it has officially rolled out a new feature called AMPcast that allows artists to directly communicate with their fans.READ MORE


Pandora Reportedly Weighing Sale As Executives Announce Long Term Plan

Buzz 15:18PM EDT

Last night Grammys president Neil Portnow called once again for artists to be paid fairly for their work and for fans to support music - mainly targeting streaming. With this in mind, there have been reports that one of the oldest and largest streaming services Pandora is potentially discussing putting itself up for sale, even as its executives just announced a new detailed plan to increase revenue by 2020.READ MORE

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Pandora Forced To Raise Royalty Payment Rates In 2016

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Pandora is being forced to raise its per stream rate in 2016 after a recent ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington. Until now, Pandora had been paying labels 14 cents for every 100 streams on a song. Starting in 2016 and continuing through 2020, the service will have to raise its rates to 17 cents. It could be adjusted to reflect price fluctuations during that time period.READ MORE

Mike Herring

Pandora CFO Mike Herring Says "Steve Jobs Eviscerated The Music Industry"

Buzz 16:25PM EDT

On an investor's conference call on Thursday, Pandora Chief Financial Officer Mike Herring opened up about the company's plans for future royalty rates, why Rdio failed and took shots at Apple Music saying, "Steve Jobs eviscerated the music industry."READ MORE

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Pandora Buying Rdio For $75 Million, Streaming Service Shutting Down

Buzz 13:53PM EDT

Pandora has announced that it has agreed to acquire several key assets from beleaguered streaming service Rdio for $75 million. The streaming service will then begin the process of filing for bankruptcy in Northern California and slowly shutter its doors for good in all markets.READ MORE


Why Pandora is Paying $90 Million to Record Labels Over Pre-1972 Recordings

Buzz 19:07PM EDT

Think of all the great music recorded before 1972. It includes some of the most legendary artists ever from The Beatles to Jimi Hendrix. A lot of that music has been trapped in the world of pre-1972 recordings, which is a segment of copyright law that allowed Pandora to skirt payment to rights holders for years, until this week when a settlement was reached with the company to pay labels $90 million.READ MORE


Pandora Reportedly Nearing $90M Settlement With Major Labels Over Oldies Royalties

Buzz 13:04PM EDT

Pandora has been embroiled in a lengthy battle with the major labels over royalty payments from oldies songs that have been streamed on the service. However that battle appears to be coming to a close with Pandora looking to settle to the tune of $90 million.READ MORE

Jiff the Pomeranian attends PANDORA SUMMER CRUSH 2015 at L.A. LIVE on August 15, 2015

Pandora Buys Ticketfly For $450 Million In Push To Live Music

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Pandora has acquired ticket vendor Ticketfly for a price of approximately $450 million. The acquisition was officially announced this morning in joint statements by both company CEOs on their respective blogs.READ MORE

Stormy weather and clouds in Chicago.

Chicago 'Cloud Tax' Adding 9 Percent Charge to Audio and Video Streaming

Buzz 12:28PM EDT

Residents of Chicago are already well familiar with the city's taxes on various forms of entertainment, and now those taxes will be passed along to streaming services such as Spotify for music and Netflix for video. The "cloud tax" will be 9 percent.READ MORE

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Pandora Acquires Music Analytics Company Next Big Sound

Buzz 09:23AM EDT

With all of the headlines about streaming services over the past few months focusing on Spotify, TIDAL, Soundcloud and Apple, Pandora has somehow managed to stay somewhat under the radar. Their latest move has put them back in the spotlight and possibly given them a major edge over their competitors in managing data. The San Francisco-area based company just bought the six-year-old music data analysis company Next Big Sound.READ MORE

TIDAL Streaming Service

TIDAL's Download Numbers Plummet While Pandora, Spotify Thrive

Buzz 23:15PM EDT

TIDAL continues to make headlines, but recently the tide has turned against the service that is perceived as elitist by many. With its starstudded launch, headed by new owner Jay Z, who was flanked by a who's who list of the biggest stars in music including Beyoncé, Usher, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Jack White and others, the service has amassed considerable momentum. According to a BGR report, new data shows that it has lost a lot of that in one key category - downloads. The app, which briefly cracked the top 20 of the Apple app store two weeks ago, now languishes out of the top 750.READ MORE

He's streaming, are you?

2014 US Record Industry Earnings: Sales Dip; Streaming, Vinyl Up

Buzz 21:02PM EDT

Each year, the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) releases a recap for yearly earnings. They have generally been pretty doom and gloom with the overall industry bleeding money with sales from CDs dropping dramatically and the major players unable to capitalize and create new sources of revenue for themselves and their artists. The 2014 report shows that while total revenues did dip from $7 billion to $6.972, a .5% change, there are plenty of promising signs, notably in streaming.READ MORE

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