13 Reasons Why cast members

Top 3 songs featured on “13 Reasons Why” Season 3

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To look back at one of its most controversial parts yet, here are three songs featured on "13 Reasons Why" Season 3.READ MORE


The Ones We Love: R.E.M. Vinyl Records To Start Playing Now

Exclusives 06:11AM EDT

To appreciate and understand better the works that helped shape later alt-rock acts like indie/ underground legend Pavement and Nirvana, here are some choice R.E.M. vinyl records to listen to:READ MORE

Ministry, REM, King Crimson drummer dies at 59

R.E.M., King Crimson Drummer Bill Rieflin Dies at 59

Buzz 22:56PM EDT

Bill Rieflin, American drummer, mostly associated with acts Ministry, R.E.M., Nine Inch Nails, and King Crimson, dies at 59.READ MORE

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe Covers David Bowie’s “Man Who Sold the World” on 'Tonight Show' [WATCH]

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R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe performed a cover of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World" on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.' Watch this cover right here.READ MORE

Michael Stipe, Getty Images

Michael Stipe Covers John Lennon, The Doors as Opener For Patti Smith in NYC [WATCH]

Buzz 17:01PM EDT

For R.E.M.'s frontman Michael Stipe to perform is a rare happening to begin with, but last night (Nov. 10), the singer opened for Patti Smith at New York City's Beacon Theatre and performed covers of John Lennon's "Imagine" and The Doors' "People Are Strange," among other gems.READ MORE

The Pretenders - 'The Pretenders' (1980)

The Pretenders' Debut Album: 12 Songs Ranked For Its 35th Anniversary

Buzz 15:14PM EDT

Today, Jan. 19, marks the 35th anniversary of the Pretenders' classic self-titled debut album, which bridged punk rock to new wave and set the course for many other guitar pop bands to come over the course of the '80s, including the Go-Gos, R.E.M., The Sugarcubes, and many more. In honor of this incredible album, here are its 12 tracks ranked, from weakest to best.READ MORE

Led Zeppelin in 1973

Radio Stunting: Music Stations Repeat One Song All Day, from Performers Such as Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., Kid Rock and More

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Radio stations occasionally partake in "Stunting," or playing one song on repeat to advertise a format change or some other event. Here are six classically annoying examples:READ MORE

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe Opens for Patti Smith in First Big Performance Since R.E.M.'s 2011 Split [LISTEN]

Buzz 12:03PM EDT

Michael Stipe performed his first big concert since R.E.M.'s split in 2011 on Monday (Dec. 29), opening for pal Patti Smith. He performed six tunes - a mix of R.E.M. and covers - at New York's Webster Hall before Smith took the stage. The performance follows Stipe's appearance on CBS This Morning earlier this month when he said, "I think I'll sing again."READ MORE

Bob Dylan -

6 Biggest Drops in Quality Between Albums: Bob Dylan, Prince and More

Buzz 18:21PM EDT

Following up a great album is always a daunting task for a musician, and though plenty of artists managed to do this successfully, (Radiohead's Kid A, Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet), many others have fallen completely short. Here are six of the biggest drops in quality between albums.READ MORE

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Sells R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe for a Quarter on the Second-to-Last 'Colbert Report' [WATCH]

Buzz 11:38AM EDT

Tonight, Dec. 18, marks the end of the Stephen Colbert era on Comedy Central. For nine years, "The Colbert Report" gave its politically hilarious host a forum to vent his frustrations with America and poke fun at the people running it. Guests ranged from top political figures to authors to actors to musicians. When Colbert's favorite band, R.E.M., broke up in 2011, the host gave frontman Michael Stipe a spot on his "Shelves of Honor." But since the show is coming to an end and Colbert is moving to CBS, he decided to have a yard sale to get rid of his excess junk. As Colbert introduces the skit, Stipe complains about not being dusted in a while. "Hey! That's you in the corner, it's me in the spotlight! Read your contract," the host says, referencing R.E.M.'s 1991 hit "Losing My Religion."READ MORE

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe Talks R.E.M. on 'CBS This Morning' [WATCH]

Buzz 16:09PM EDT

When R.E.M. disbanded in December 2011, we figured there would eventually be a huge box set or greatest hits package in the works. This year, the group dropped REMTV, a 6-DVD set that focused on Michael Stipe and co.'s music videos and television appearances. He stopped by "CBS This Morning" to talk about it.READ MORE

Dave Grohl

Early Dave Grohl Song 'Hooker on the Street' Surfaces After Appearing in Recent 'Sonic Highways' Episode [LISTEN]

Buzz 11:10AM EDT

A song from Dave Grohl's early solo work has surfaced and it's downright funky. "Hooker on the Street" is one of 40 tracks Grohl wrote toward the end of Nirvana. The song played in Friday, Nov. 28's episode of the singer's HBO series "Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways" in which his current band visits Seattle, Washington, "Consequence of Sound" noted. The song shows off Grohl's ever-present sense of humor while offering an impressive look into some of the singer's influences. The Foo Fighters frontman does his best James Brown over a Jane's Addiction melody, and he even busts out some Glenn Danzig during the tune. Check it out below. During the episode, Grohl recalls Kurt Cobain's reaction to some of his early demo work — some of it would be featured on the debut album for the Foo Fighters in 1995. "Kurt heard that, and kissed me on the face, as he was in a bath," Grohl said. "He was so excited. He was like, 'I heard you recorded some stuff with Barrett [Jones].' I was like, 'Yeah.' He was like, 'Let me hear it.' I was too afraid to be in the same room as he listened to it."READ MORE

Kurt Cobain at Nirvana's 'MTV Unplugged' show.

'MTV Unplugged's Best Performances: The Obvious (Nirvana, Eric Clapton) and Less Obvious as Well

Buzz 14:08PM EDT

November 26, 1989 marked the first airing of MTV's Unplugged series, a showcase that took some of the best bands across many generations and gave viewers a new look. The performers themselves often praised the program due to its live nature and its promotion of differing from the same ol' songs that get repeated so often. Squeeze was the first band featured but many other high acts jumped on the bandwagon over the years. Music Times chose eight classic performances worth revisiting.READ MORE

Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe of R.E.M. Shows Support For Lady Gaga's Political Messages

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Stipe had one of the most impactful rock careers in memory, with 31 years as the figurehead for an internationally renowned band that was possibly America's greatest guitar-based export (we'll save the debate for another day).READ MORE


R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel, Drive-By Truckers Rally for Music Landmark in Athens

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Some of music's finest acts, including R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel, Drive-By Truckers and Widespread Panic, are rallying to save the legendary church steeple in Athens, Georgia, that stands as tribute to the community's bustling music scene. As The A.V. Club points out, the steeple used to be part of an entire church where Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry performed their first gig in 1980 as R.E.M. The church was brought down in 1990, "Rolling Stone" notes, and the steeple has been threatened to be demolished in recent years. Nuçi's Space, a health and music resource center that works for the prevention of suicide, has partnered with musicians from the area to help save the landmark.READ MORE

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