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The Posies 'Amazing Disgrace' artwork

Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate Bassist Joe Skyward Dead at Age 57 from Cancer

Buzz 14:38PM EDT

Alternative rock bassist Joe "Joe Bass" Skyward has died at the age of 57 due to cancer. He was a member of the Posies and Sunny Day Real Estate.READ MORE

Foo Fighters

10 Bands That Were Started With Former Bandmates: Foo Fighters, Audioslave, And More

Buzz 14:30PM EDT

Bands break up all the time, but just because a group of musicians have decided not to work together anymore as a unit, it doesn't mean that none of the members will never work together again. Here are 10 examples of bands that were started with former bandmates.READ MORE


6 Bands Who Originally Formed Without Their Lead Songwriter: Oasis, The Replacements, And More

Exclusives 15:12PM EDT

If there's one member of a band who writes all of the music, it would be fair to assume that forming the band was their idea, and that they were a founding member. However, the lead songwriters in these six bands weren't even members when the bands originally formed.READ MORE

Beyonce -

12 Self-Titled Albums That Aren't Debuts: Beyoncé, The Beatles And More

Exclusives 20:02PM EDT

Self-titled albums are pretty standard for musicians, but they're almost always an artist's debut album, establishing a brand and a presence. There are some artists, however, who decide for whatever reason to release self-titled albums later on in their career. Here are 12 self-titled albums that aren't debuts.READ MORE

Simon & Garfunkel

9 Bands That Have Broken Up More Than Once: Simon & Garfunkel, The Velvet Underground, And More

Exclusives 11:41AM EDT

Yesterday, Sept. 18, the very sad news broke that Ohio indie rock legends Guided By Voices had suddenly broken-up and canceled their upcoming tour dates. This is second time the group has split (the first split occurred back in 2004), which isn't all that uncommon. Here are nine other bands that have broken up twice, or even more times.READ MORE

The Who -

8 Great Albums With Intermissions: Radiohead, The Who, And More

Exclusives 15:50PM EDT

Just like plays or even particularly long movies have intermissions somewhere in the middle, some albums include songs that could be seen as intermissions, or dramatic breaks between the album's two halves. These album intermissions are usually instrumental and sonically quite different from the rest of the songs. Here are eight examples of albums with intermissions.READ MORE

George Harrison

15 Song Titles That Describe The Music: George Harrison, Gorillaz, And More

Exclusives 12:38PM EDT

Anyone who writes music can tell you that when a song is first written, it's usually given a boring descriptive title such as "Punk Song in A" or "Song With Slide Guitar" to remind the writer of how it goes. However, sometimes an actual title never comes along, and these descriptive working titles end up in the final tracklisting. Here are 15 song titles that describe the music.READ MORE

Led Zeppelin -

21 Albums Known By Two (Or More) Different Names: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, And More

Exclusives 12:55PM EDT

Though most albums are given official titles, sometimes these titled prove to inconvenient or confusing, which leads to fans referring to the album by another name entirely. Here are twenty-one albums known by at least two different names.READ MORE

Pink Floyd -

5 Underrated Follow-Ups To Classic Albums: Pink Floyd, Green Day, and more

Exclusives 15:44PM EDT

Releasing a classic album is both a blessing and a curse for a musician. It may feel great to have created something that people love, but you're also faced with the massive pressure of following it up. Some artists are able to follow their classics with more classics, but most of the time these follow-ups albums are seen as disappointments. These five albums had the misfortune of being released after classics, but are much better than they're given credit for.READ MORE

Nirvana -

6 Albums Released Shortly After The Band Split: The Beatles, Nirvana, And More

Exclusives 20:46PM EDT

Though it takes just months (and sometimes weeks) to release an album after it's been recorded, that's plenty of time for a band to completely implode. Here are six albums that were released shortly after the band split up.READ MORE

The Dukes of Stratosphear -

6 Bands That Released Music Under Two Different Names: XTC, Yo La Tengo, and more

Exclusives 09:18AM EDT

In a world where the Smashing Pumpkins can tour and release music with only one original member, it's unusual to see bands change their names with only the slightest shifts in line-up or style. Here are six bands that released music under two different names.READ MORE

The Band -

6 Bands That Were Backing Bands for Other Artists: The Eagles, the Band, and more

Exclusives 15:21PM EDT

The ideal career for most bands it to achieve success by playing their own songs, but some bands have very successfully performed as backing bands for other well-known artists. Here are six bands who did just that.READ MORE

Neil Young -

7 Album Covers That Don't Match the Music: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, and more

Exclusives 09:32AM EDT

A good album cover should compliment the music inside, and a lot of covers do this very well. The ethereal cover of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless matches the album’s ethereal music, but some album covers suggest something completely different than what the music actually offers. Here are seven album covers that don’t match the album’s music.READ MORE

Oasis -

7 Classic Albums That Would Improve with Different Production: Paul Simon, Oasis and more

Exclusives 16:06PM EDT

Though I wrote a list a few weeks ago about classic albums that sound awful, I wouldn’t change a thing about the way any of those albums were produced. When I sit down and listen to Raw Power, I want it to be rough and fuzzy, because that’s the kind of music the Stooges made. These seven albums, however, would have greatly benefited from a production overhaul.READ MORE

Pulp -

8 Albums Missing from Rolling Stone's Best of '94: Morrissey, Pulp and more

Exclusives 21:19PM EDT

Rolling Stone recently wrote a list of the 40 best alternative albums of 1994, and while they included a ton of excellent albums (Parklife, Weezer’s Blue Album, Dookie), I also noticed that a ton of classics were missing as well (and replaced by Korn and Bush, for some reason). Here are eight great albums from 1994 that Rolling Stone must have simply forgotten to add to their list.READ MORE

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