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6 Bands Named After Styles of Music That They Don't Play: Daft Punk, Cap'n Jazz and More

It is pretty lame to name your band after the style of music you play — I'm looking at you, Metallica — but these six, including Daft Punk and Cap'n Jazz, bands did just the opposite: naming themselves after styles of music they do not play.

7 Bands Whose Double Albums Were Their Best: The Rolling Stones, Genesis, And More

Double albums are a tricky proposition for most artists. Though they can be fascinating listens, they tend to come off as overlong, bloated, and messy, and even some classic ones such as The Beatles' "White Album" are often criticized for being ...

15 Song Titles That Describe The Music: George Harrison, Gorillaz, And More

Anyone who writes music can tell you that when a song is first written, it's usually given a boring descriptive title such as "Punk Song in A" or "Song With Slide Guitar" to remind the writer of how it goes. However, sometimes an actual title never ...

9 Great Albums That Open With Very Brief Songs: Foo Fighters, Cat Stevens, And More

Earlier this week I wrote an article about albums that open with their longest song, such as David Bowie's Station to Station. These nine albums, however, pulled a completely different trick by easing listeners in with songs that are under two ...

12 Album Titles That Describe The Music: R.E.M., Tom Waits, And More

A good album title should always suit or complement the music that it represents, but some artists create album titles by literally describing the music itself. Here are twelve album titles that describe the music.

8 Great LGBT-Themed Alternative Songs: Green Day, The Smiths, And More

To commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall riots on June 28th, 1969, every June has been designated LGBT Pride Month in the United States. In honor of the 45th anniversary of the riots, here's a list of eight incredible alternative songs with ...

10 Band Names Taken From Literature: Steely Dan, The Doors, And More

If there's one surefire way to add a sense of importance and artistic integrity to your band, it's to name your band after something you read in a book. Here are ten bands who took their names from literary works.

9 Albums With A Theme In Their Song Titles: Radiohead, Bon Iver, and more

Many albums are written with themes or concepts that run through all of the songs, but some artists chose to place their themes right into the song titles. Here are nine albums with a theme in their song titles.

6 Artists Who Have Released Album Trilogies: David Bowie, Green Day, and more

For most rock musicians, the full-length album is the highest artistic statement in the medium, the equivalent of a novel for a writer, or a feature-length film for a director. Just like novels and films, specific albums within an artist's catalogue ...

8 Artists Who Would Make For Interesting Musicals: Springsteen, Bowie, and more

Even though a musical based on his songs is probably the last thing he ever wanted, the music of Kurt Cobain is coming to Broadway, apparently. Nirvana's music is excellent, but if I were in charge of selecting a catalog of songs to adapt into a ...

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