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The Short Column: Classical Music Benefits Kids, A(nother) Study Says

So, here we go again--another year, another survey saying that classical music is good for kids. This one comes from the Institute of Education at the University of London. Children aged between seven and 10 were exposed to classical music at school ...

Conductors in Conversation, No. 1: Manfred Honeck

The first in a new series of conductor interviews finds James Inverne talking Strauss, sonic character and method acting with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's music director.

UPDATE: Polish Pianist Rafal Blechacz Receives the 2014 Gilmore Artist Award...and $300,000

UPDATE: Well, it's official now in Kalamazoo. 28-year-old polish pianist Rafal Blechaz (pronounced BLEH-hatch) has received the 2014 Gilmore Artist Award.

Irony Bites Man: Israeli Protester Ran Carmi Ruins Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra's Non-Wagner Concert

A shame, really, because the JSO has worked out a fascinating way to present a Richard Wagner symposium...without actually playing any of his music.

The Cover from Corwood: David Keenan Gets Jandek for WIRE 360 | February 2014

The reality, though, is that David Keenan, Mr. Volcanic Tongue, has scored an exclusive interview with the lonesome dove, himself, Jandek. Even better? The WIRE is making said chat its February cover story.

Wolf Tone: McDonald's of Wall Street to Ditch Their Grand Piano

Ah, time was when the Wall Street branch of McDonalds was distinct from all the others. It felt somehow, businessy, the kind of place busy finance execs might like to hang out. Much of that was due to the grand piano above the entrance. Time still ...

The Column: Five Great Modern Operas That the New York Times Music Staff Missed!

The New York Times has published an interesting piece, their classical music writers giving their thumbs-ups to the modern operas they consider the most likely candidates for perennial popularity. Which, in opera terms, means at least a production ...

Saul Zaentz, Controversial Record Executive and Lauded Producer Behind 'Amadeus,' Dead at 92

"He was an amazing man," said nephew Paul Zaentz, who is also a movie producer. "He always taught me to only make films I am passionate about."

Jazz at Lincoln Center Gets Unprecedented $20 Million Donation from Chairman Robert J. Appel

According to the New York Times, Jazz at Lincoln Center now has $20 million more in their Columbus Circle coffers--all thanks to financier, philanthropist and JALC chairman Robert J. Appel.

Classicalite's Top 10 of 2013: Maria Jean Sullivan on Indie

"The Knife's 'Shaking the Habitual' is an electronic manifestation of both emotion and philosophy." -- Maria Jean Sullivan

Zubin Mehta Will Lead the Vienna Philharmonic in 2015 New Year's Concert

The Vienna Philharmonic recently announced that Zubin Mehta will conduct the next New Year's Concert in 2015.

Q&A: Metropolitan GM Peter Gelb Dishes Stats on Live Opera Broadcasts

"I think there were a lot of people who expected us to fall on our face with this program." -- Peter Gelb

Classicalite's Five Best: Characters, Then and Now, for Whom Classical Music Was a Passion...Not Just Sherlock!

With the triumphant return of the BBC's Sherlock to our screens, following his supposed death at Reichenbach, the series everyone is talking about prompts another thought for classical fans. It is an ongoing characteristic of Arthur Conan Doyle's ...

Now With 100% More Jazz: BBC Young Musician 2014 Names Category Finalists

Stay tuned to Classicalite, as the 2014 Jazz Award finalists will be announced in early February.

REVIEW: Emily Bonn and The Vivants, 'Western Addition' (Bandcamp)

Classicalite's Maria Jean Sullivan makes her case for the immediate download of this 11-track album in the high-quality format of your choice: MP3, FLAC, etc.

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