Is there anywhere that Jennifer Aniston has not been in the last several months? It seems like she has done every talk show and covered just about every magazine while promoting Horrible Bosses 2 and Cake, doesn't it? In Style magazine must have realized that it was kind of dropping the ball and decided to snatch up the hottest actress around for its February 2015 cover.

Since Aniston has been opening up more than ever in ways that even her fans probably never expected her to do, she has been tackling some of the tougher topics head-on. Rather than run from things, a more centered Aniston has come off as being open and, in this latest interview, she dishes on changing her dating style over the years.

"I'm a late bloomer. I mean, it's no secret: I've had some challenging companionship. I think hitting a wall with that really kind of [helped me grow]. I found a great therapist. Not to sound too 'woo woo,' but I think the self-love piece was really important. And spending a lot of time alone. Having time to ask myself why there was such toxicity in my immediate space at times. Why would I attract that instead of light?" explains Aniston.

Who do you think her more "challenging companionship" might have been? Perhaps John Mayer? Bet that was a long year in her dating life Aniston might like to forget!

She also discusses learning to value keeping her relationship private and learning how to do that. It is interesting how for more than a year the tabloids were screaming that Aniston had split from Justin Theroux, and now it seems that she really did start trying to do things differently, and that meant keeping her romance under wraps.

The biggest question swirling about the actress now is whether or not she will grab an Oscar nomination for her acclaimed leading role in Cake. What do you think her odds are? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.