January 23, 2018 / 7:14 PM

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Seattle vs. New England: Spotify Compares and Contrasts Music Listening in Super Bowl Competitiors' Hometowns

Music Times made an attempt several weeks ago to predict the winner of the Super Bowl based on quality of albums coming out of the regions represented in the AFC and NFC Championship Games. So far so good: Seattle is facing New England, as we predicted, but will the Seahawks triumph? Who knows? Not Spotify. The music streaming service did use its numbers-tracking technology to create two playlists of songs representing the performers that listeners in the respective regions listen in far greater numbers than their foes on the opposite coast however.

Granted, there are 100 songs in each playlist so there's a good deal of variety between the two cities. It might not be quite what you expect: Seattle does take a penchant to indie rock but not necessarily from its own rich territory. "Gooey" by British psychedelic R&B/pop act Glass Animals takes top billing. There is some hometown love for acts such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but not the grunge front you may stereotype/expect. It should be noted that the songs from that hip-hop act that ranked highest were "White Walls" and "Arrows" (a Fences song on which the pair guest star). In other words, Bostonians are still listening to Macklemore—they just tend to listen to the hits and not the deeper album tracks as Seattle natives do.

What's up in Boston? Country and Latin music for two. Sam Hunt's "House Party" tops the East Coast playlist, while Florida Georgia Line also appears in the Top 10 with "Sun Daze." The higher Latin population in New England (and New York) is represented by songs from Romeo Santos ("Odio") and "Bailando" from Enrique Iglesias.

As for the Super Bowl halftime performer, Katy Perry gets more appreciation from Seattle apparently, as her "Roar" appears, albeit back at no. 37 on the city's playlist.

You can check out the full lists below:

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