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Bruce Jenner's Mother Supports His Transformation as He Agrees to Exclusive Interview With Diane Sawyer

by Cate Meighan   Feb 3, 2015 12:19 PM EST

You better believe that the brass at NBC was none too happy to learn that ABC News had snuck in and scooped up an exclusive interview with Bruce Jenner. As it turns out, he has chosen to discuss his life-changing transformation with Diane Sawyer rather than anyone else, and it has ruffled a few feathers because NBCUniversal owns the network that features Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Also, his mother supports his transformation.

As for the actual interview, according to a report by Page Six, ABC will begin filming this week with Jenner and the complete package is expected to air in May, likely right before his docuseries begins airing. Since it is the E! network that picked up the project and decided to help Jenner finally share his story with millions, NBC likely expected to be the first to also interview him. The fact that Jenner instead decided to speak with Sawyer is a shock. For whatever reason, Jenner likely felt that his story of transforming into a woman was safest in her hands rather than any other high-profile reporter out there.

It seems like every day there is something new to add on to this story, and this morning Jenner's own mother, Ester Jenner, confirmed that her son is undergoing a sex change. She is extremely proud of his honesty and ability to finally decide to live an honest and open life. Just about everyone has thrown their love and support his way, minus one pretty obvious person: his ex. Kris Jenner has yet to publicly comment at all on Jenner's life-changing decisions. Rumor has it that she is having a pretty hard time accepting that her husband of more than two decades is going to live as a woman just as she does.

It definitely looks like once Jenner made the decision to do this, there was no turning back, and rather than be the subject of jokes and rude comments, he would rather tackle his transformation head on. Readers: Will you watch his interview with Sawyer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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