As Kate Middleton's due date with baby number two quickly approaches, royal watchers are on edge and news crews are no doubt gearing up to station themselves outside of Kensington Palace for days on end. Some details are being confirmed by the palace, such as the fact that Middleton's official due date is April 25 and she will once again deliver at St. Mary's Hospital in London. We also know that Prince William is scheduled to work right up until Middleton goes into labor and so there's a chance that he will have to drive a few hours to join her at the hospital. But what about the gender of baby number two? Is it a girl, as has been widely speculated?

Well, according to an official palace source, contrary to popular belief, Middleton and William have opted not to find out the gender of baby number two until he or she is born. That is exactly what they did while expecting Prince George two years ago. While there was a lot of speculation that the duchess was carrying a boy, his birth was still a surprise. It makes sense that they would choose the same element of surprise this time around as well, doesn't it?

If Middleton does deliver a girl, then it will be interesting to see what name is officially chosen for her. Insiders seem to believe that William will want to name a daughter after his late mother, Princess Diana, but it's not something that Queen Elizabeth is likely to approve of without a battle. Do you think that it's a fight that William will insist on winning?

While he may not be there the minute that Middleton first goes in to labor, William will be taking a 2-week paternity leave once their newest baby arrives and the family will spend a few days at Kensington Palace before settling in at their country home for the summer.

So, it's a 50/50 shot -- What do you think Middleton is going to deliver? Will she have another son or her first daughter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!